Russia 2018 is finally here, we partnered with SportsQ for a world cup challenge! (Quiniela)

Russia 2018 is finally here, we partnered with SportsQ for a world cup challenge! (Quiniela)

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The World Cup is the culmination of a 4 year tournament in which every nation in the world competes for the title of Fifa World Champion. No timeouts. No hands. Just 90 minutes of hustle, skill, strategy, and cooperation... it is one of the few times where all nations play at a level field and only one can win.

It is also an amazing time to do BBQs, gather with friends and have A LOT OF FUN.

In soccer loving nations, people live for the World Cup. Kids skip school. Workplace productivity plummets. Populist presidents call national holidays. In Miami, all of that happens.. except the National holiday part... partly, because our beloved Team USA did not make it (we will come back, that is for sure).

Our friends from SportsQ have build a beautiful website to participate in a Quiniela.... we offered to sweeten the deal by offering some gift cards and prices to the winners!

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What is a Quiniela?

Originally, the Quiniela was used to refer to a bet on the first two positions of a horse race. Eventually, with the emergence of football and the diversion of interest from horse races to football especially in Spain, the Quinella was adapted to the football domain.

This "game" is based on the outcome of football matches played by all teams in the FIFA world cup. It is played by simply betting on the outcome of the 15 matches found on the Football Quinella ticket. Players bet on which of the teams are going to win, lose and draw... all the way to the finals. Each player contributes $20 to the pot... the winners (1st-4th place) divide the pot.

Check it out!

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Note: Meat N' Bone is not affiliated by SportsQ and is not liable for operating the Quiniela. We have gifted these prices for the organizers to capture a bigger audience as we believe in good fun. Meat N' Bone has no stake in the Quiniela and does not profit from this event.



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