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Game Meat has arrived: Elk, Venison, Wild Boar and Bison

Game meat is the meat of any animal that’s hunted for food instead of raised on a farm and it has been growing in popularity since game meat is a healthier alternative to red meats. These meats are very low in fat and cholesterol, these animals are leaner as they are wild and are able to walk and roam freely so do not store so much fat.

In that sense, it’s closer to the kinds of meat that would have been available in the Paleolithic era... so its perfect for those who like some Paleo diet in their life.

Game is very high in Iron and contains higher levels of many beneficial nutrients including vitamin E, Beta Carotene, Zinc Vitamin B(6) and Selenium. Selenium is an important part of our diet that we often lack and helps protect cells from damage caused by free radicals.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of game  is that it is raised with no added hormones and no antibiotics.Moreover, by eating game meat you are actually helping the environment as without the work of the game industry, populations would increase to unsustainable levels.

We have been working on our game meat offering for a few months. It is not easy to procure high quality Elk, Venison, Wild Boar and Bison. So get your GAME on, with Meat N' Bone!

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