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#GrillMaster Series: How to grill a Picanha?

Picanha is one of the best grilling cuts out there, it is very popular in South America and has been growing in popularity in the states where it goes by the name Coulotte or Sirloin Cap. It is a tender and juicy roast that eats very well.

Picanha's defining characteristic is an exterior fat cap that (ideally) measures ¾ of an inch. Inside it has very little fat and can present nice marbling.

Keep in mind, trimming is optional and it is highly recommended NOT to remove the fat cap before cooking (you can eat around it or remove it after).

At Meat N' Bone, we specialize in sourcing high quality Picanha and has a wide offering that includes everything from G1 certified choice to Japanese Wagyu.

Picanha is a forgiving and simple cook. Just follow these instructions:

1- Pre-heat grill on High

2- Salt generously

3- Place Picanha on grill, fat side up. Sear for 3 Minutes.

4- Turn and get some grill marks on the fat cap. (Another 3-4 mins)

5- Lower grill temperature and close the lid. Cook on indirect heat for 20-40 minutes, depending on the size. For a XL Wagyu Picanha we cooked for 35 minutes.


6- Check for flare-ups, if your grill is dirty flares may happen. If it does flare up, dont freak out, just move the roast to the side.


7- Dont be shy to use a thermometer, we cooked to  135 degrees for a nice Medium.

8- Take the roast of the grill and let it rest for at-least 10 minutes.

9- There are many ways to cut the Picanha, but the key is to cut against the grain from tip to tip. If a steak is too rare, you can always place it back in the grill.

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