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Meat N' Bone vs Publix

One of the core concepts behind Meat N' Bone is offering a superior Price / Value proposition than the supermarket. Sometimes it is hard to compare because we go above and beyond... not only do we offer more variety... we have USDA Choice, USDA Prime, CAB, Grass-Fed, wagyu, wagyu-angus cross, etc...our cuts are steakhouse thick and individually packed in high quality vacuum sealed pouches.

However...every time I go to the supermarket I can't help but compare. Today, while my wife was shopping at Publix, I spent my time at the butcher counter... taking pictures!

Also because our website looks so good, people tend to think we are more expensive. We are not.

Now, I cannot lie. I may be biased, not only am I one of the founders of Meat N' Bone, I am also one of my best customers. I am used to consuming our product on a daily basis... so the difference in service, packaging and well... product between Publix and Meat N' Bone is incredible. Yet, pricing is in line.

First I looked at the Publix Greenwise Outside Skirt, its something I used to buy often. It is relatively high quality choice, not Certified Angus Beef but good quality beef, priced at $17.39/lb.Our Outside Skirt  is actually a much better deal, priced at $16.99/lb and vacuum sealed, also a high-end choice. 

Next I looked at the Publix Greenwise Ground Beef. It was nicely priced at $5.99/lb, cheaper than ours priced at $7.50/lb. So yes, Publix greenwise ground beef is 25% cheaper than our's... and if you buy their regular ground beef, its even cheaper! 

But not all ground beef is the same.  The majority of ground beef today comes pre-ground from gigantic meat processors, the likely hood of contamination is far greater and accounts for the recall over large geographic areas of beef products from time to time. Also our ground beef comes from the same high quality prime steaks we sell. To me, that's worth a 25% premium!

The same applies to burgers.... burgers are cheap, you can have 2 gorgeous steakhouse burgers 1/2 pound of beef from dry-aged premium steaks... .or you can have publix burgers. They are cheaper. But, the difference in quality is notable. You get 2 of our awesome burgers for $5.99  or buy 4 at Publix for $8.99.



Now our NY Strip, Porterhouse and RibEye should never... NEVER... EVER be compared to anything sold at Publix. Its like comparing a Ferrari with a Ford Fiesta.... Our cheapest RibEye at $9.99 is $14/lb vs the cheapest at Publix at $11/lb. The difference is palpable.

Last but not least... I compared our newly launched Baby Back Ribs at $17.99 for a full rack vs Publix Greenwise at a few cents less.


Then again we are comparing pears and apples. But it is a good thing because that means we are doing EXACTLY what we set out to do. Offering Steakhouse Grade Meats, at supermarket prices (or close to!)

Factor in our cheap/free delivery (the time it saves you) and we actually may be cheaper than Publix.


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