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The best cuts of beef you've probably never heard of

We are the BIGGEST fans of RibEye, New York and Porterhouse steaks you will ever find... and yet, every now and then our palate just craves something different. If it happens to us, it probably happens to you... so we decided to give you some ideas on unconventional cuts of meat that you should try, and more importantly... how to cook them!

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The Denver Steak is a relatively new cut of beef, it was born in 2009. It was the result out of a research project called "the Beef Checkoff", developed by meat-science professors at the University of Florida and the University of Nebraska. The goal of the program was to identify and promote new and potentially more affordable cuts of meat... and they were VERY successful at it.

How successful? Well, lets just say the Denver steak is the fourth most tender muscle section of a heifer, steer, or cow.

Cut quick over high heat, and more importantly cut against the grain.

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Lets face it, Tenderloin is not very exciting...Filet Mignon is tender... but it is not the most flavorful cut of meat, usually Filet Mignon is served with bacon or bearnaise to add a "kick".

Unlike the Filet Mignon, these Flanken Tenderloins are a completely different story, the thin cut and the bone give these steaks a punch of flavor... like any proper steak, all it requires is a hint of salt. You can grill them, toss them in the oven or a skillet... it does not really matter. They will be amazing every single time.


Short Ribs have amazing flavor, they are usually smoked or cooked slow and low. The problem is, you often have to buy a whole short rib plate and spend 8 hours smoking to enjoy them... which is GREAT, if you have the time. 

For the days you don't we have cut the short rib plates into one bone pieces... and they turn out just as good on the grill.

How to cook it? Add salt. Sear for 40 seconds, then place bone side down (bone facing grill). Let it cook with indirect heat for about 1 hour and 20 minutes. 

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The hanger steak is considered a butcher's best kept secret. It comes from the muscle that helps support the diaphragm between a cow’s rib and loin, its just sort of "hanging there" and it does absolutely nothing... as a result its one of the most tender steaks.

The hanger steak is very exclusive, its even rarer than the tenderloin... and frankly, much more interesting.

There is only ONE hanger steak per animal... a 1,200 pound animal that yields 800 of beef, only has one hanger steak of about 16-32 ounces. 

Cook it any way you like, but do not overcook. You are looking for a nice medium... the hanger is a bit tricky, too rare and it will be a bit slimy, too cooked and it will lose its tenderness.

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The Flat Iron Steak is one of our favorite steaks.. heck, we even had a blog post just about it. The Flat Iron Steak is definitely the best grilling steak you never heard about.

Like the Denver Steak, it is also a result of the research project "the Beef Checkoff". The Flat Iron look like an old-fashioned metal flat iron, hence the name. It comes from the Chuck, which is the shoulder of the steer. Specifically from the shoulder clod, from a muscle called the top blade.

This specific cut, is extremely lean and tender as it comes from an area of the shoulder that doesn't have much connective tissue. The Flat Iron is a beautiful cut of beef that has plenty of marbling. 

This steak is easy to cook, first sear it over high heat and then switch to a lower temperature to finish off to the desired doneness. If you dont have a grill handy, you can also roast it or pan fry it.

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