Recipe: Simple but amazing short rib sandwich - Meat N' Bone

Recipe: Simple but amazing short rib sandwich

This one time, we had a Master Griller event at Key Biscayne, FL (always love going out there). After the event was over, we had some left-over Flanken Style Short ribs we had to take back to the shop...we should have predicted it was never going to make it back then. Our beef has a habit of never coming back after it leaves our place of business.

That said, our very own German at-least had the decency to document the process of making this amazing Short Rib sandwich... which is quite simple but EXTREMELY tasty.


  • Flanken Short Ribs (2 ribs per sandwich, 3 if you want to be generous)
  • Maldon Salt
  • Freshly ground black pepper
  • High quality olive oil
  • Ciaba bread

STEP #1: Grill the Short Ribs

Warm up the grill on high heat, you can use gas or charcoal. Either will do just fine. Do not overcook the flanken short ribs, they are better medium... medium-well at most. 


STEP #2: Cut the short rib


 Cut the short rib in small strips with a knife. You can cut around the bone.  The fat on our short ribs is quite tasty, but if you do not like it... now is the time to remove it.


STEP #3: Pepper & Olive Oil






 Add freshly ground pepper and high quality olive oil to the beef. Be generous, this will ad a lot of flavor. By now, you should be warming up the bread!

STEP #4: Serve!

Serve in your prefered bread. We prefer ciabatta bread, but it will be just as tasty in your favorite bread. We have also tried french baguette and a variety or artisanal breads.







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