Ground Beef Meat N' Bone

Things you did not know about ground beef

Did you know that ground beef is the most popular type of beef sold in the US? Now you do.

Ground beef sales exceed 7.5 billion tons per year, It accounts for over 60% of beef sales. 

Ground beef is the most versatile beef, it can be used for many different dishes including burgers, meatballs, ziti, tacos, chili, meatloaf, kabobs, bolognese, etc...

When cooking ground beef it is important to know that the color of cooked ground beef is not a good indicator of doneness, particularly when it comes to lower fat patties require a longer cooking time because they have less heat conduction than higher fat alternatives.

You should select different fat ratios for different dishes:

Use higher fat (70-85% fat) for recipes in which you need to brown the ground beef (burgers) or which call for pouring off drippings such as chili, ziti and spaghetti sauce.

Use leaner ground beef (90%+) when your recipe requires more consistency such as kabobs, meatlove or meatballs. 

Ground beef goes bad quicker than any other meat, you should always keep it refrigerated and freeze it right away if you will not be consuming it. As a rule of thumb ground beef can be stored in the refrigerator for up to two days or frozen for up to six months.

Not all ground beef is equal. The majority of ground beef today comes pre-ground from gigantic meat processors, the likely hood of contamination is far greater and accounts for the recall over large geographic areas of beef products from time to time. We recommend purchasing from speciality butchers who  grind the meat themselves from sides of beef they butcher... such as... well... Meat N' Bone?



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