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Vacuum sealed is the new fresh!! (its also re-freezable)

 Contrary to what you probably think, buying meat at the supermarket does not mean you are buying fresh meat. Meat spoils relatively quick, and you have NO idea for how long its been in display. In fact... that great "deal" they are advertising? Probably beef about to go bad.

You know what else is a myth? The notion that you cannot re-freeze meat.

Heres the deal. Vacuum sealing beef has changed the game.

That supermarket beef that looks "oh so fresh", is no fresher than vacuum sealed meat. Not even frozen. That meat could have been sitting there for 2 hours or for 5 days... certainly longer than our meat did before it was vacuum sealed to preserve the meat, and its freshness.

Moreover ALL beef that gets to the supermarket arrived in Primals that are... vacuum sealed. All beef is wet aged, even if it is for 5-7 days on the way from the Processing Plan to the Supermarket. 

The supermarkets will thaw it out (if it was frozen), cut the primal into steaks and put into trays. This is how the industry works.

You know what else is good about vacuum sealead beef?

If you defreeze it property (read, in the refrigerator...) you can re-freeze it with no loss in quality.  Thats because  the concern with refreezing meat is a quality issue, not a safety issue. Usually meat that has been thawed will lose moisture... but that doesnt happen if the beef is vacuum sealed. 

FYI...Meat defrosted with cold water should be cooked before refreezing.

Yes... recently vacuum sealed beef looks a bit darker. That is because it has been deprived of oxygen. It may also smell a bit funny right after opening it... thats whats known as "confinement odor" and is in no way an indication that there is a problem with the meat. 

After a few minutes, the smell will disappear and the colour will return to normal.

Frozen can be the new fresh... and vacuum sealed is definitely an indication of freshness!  

That is why ALL the beef we sell is vaccum sealed and unlike most restaurants and supermarkets we do not thaw and refreeze beef.


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