#GrillMaster Series: How to cook the PERFECT Denver Steak - Meat N' Bone

#GrillMaster Series: How to cook the PERFECT Denver Steak

The Denver Steak is a relatively new cut of beef, it was born in 2009 as a result of a research project called "the Beef Checkoff".

If you have never heard of a Denver Steak, you are missing out. This is one of the BEST steaks in the steer that offers a perfect balance of Price, Value and Quality. In this video we show you how to cook it:



The Denver steak is the fourth most tender muscle section of a heifer, steer, or cow.They are also extremely juicy and full of flavor.

The denver comes from the chuck of the steer. In Japanese restaurants it is commonly used for shabu shabu or yakiniku grilling. It was featured in Wall street Journals 2019 "Grill Stars".

What does it taste like? Rich, buttery smooth flavor. Think of a NY Strip mixed with a short rib.

Our G1 certified Denver is so popular that we spent some time developing a Domestic Wagyu version of the product and it is FANTASTIC (as seen in the video). Every now and then we also carry Japanese A5 Miyazaki Denver steaks.

In this video we finished it with our Grill Master's Chimichurri sauce which we produce in house. 



(1) Open the steak and let it breathe and come to room temperature.

I did not do it in the video but I do like to dry it up with a paper towel (optional)

(2) Grab a cast Iron Skillet and get it HOT

You will know is hot when you see a bit of smoke coming out of it.

(3) Season the steak, salt, pepper, rubs.. 

This is a good steak with a TON of flavor. It doesn't require much seasoning.

(4) Lower the heat to medium and cook for 2 minutes each side.

Remember this is guidance, the time will vary depending on the thickness of the steak or how you like to eat it. I myself like a good medium.

(5) Let the steak rest for 5 minutes.

This will help make sure its nice and juicy.

(6) Whether you cut or don't cut the steak before serving is up to you...

looks sexy, doesn't it? 

(7) Add Chimichurri and eat!

(8) Enjoy!

Denver Steak | BMS7+ Wagyu

10oz | From Colorado


GrillMaster's Chimichurri Sauce

8oz | Hand-Crafted

Denver Steak | G1 Certified

10 Oz


GrillMaster's Hot Chimichurri Sauce

8oz | Hand-Crafted


Teres Major Steak | BMS7+ Wagyu

Aprox 12oz | From Colorado

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