We are lowering our shipping prices and lowering delivery times. - Meat N' Bone

We are lowering our shipping prices and lowering delivery times.

At Meat N' Bone we started shipping beef across the country roughly a year and a half ago. It has been a roller coaster but we have achieved a reliability ratio of over 97% on our weekly shipping orders.

As our business has grown we have been able to improve the way we operate. This means we can now ship more efficiently. That said, we are not a logistics company... we are butchers. So instead of "making money" on our shipping we have decided to pass those savings along to the consumer.

We have lowered all of our shipping rates in the South East, MidWest as well as in Texas, Arizona and Puerto Rico.

Given the distance between Miami and the West Coast, we have not been able to reduce rates on states like California. But we are working on it.

We also launched shipping to Canada! You can scroll down to see more details.



Meat N’ Bone shipping rates map

There are three types of shipping available:

  • Flat Rate: Cheapest tier of shipping, will ship on a first come first serve basis. Usually transit time will be 3 days as it may ship ground or 3 day air / 2nd day air to western states. "Free Shipping" will always ship on "Flat Rate", upgrades may be processed upon request.
  • Priority: Most of these orders WILL ship 2nd day air AND will be fulfilled on the same day if inventory is available and order WAS PLACED BEFORE Cut-off (2pm).
  • Overnight: Order will be fulfilled as fast as possible and ship out for next day delivery. If the order is placed after 2pm it will ship the next day.



  • Flat Rate Shipping to Canada (2-3 Days in Transit) $113 CAD
  • Priority Shipping to Canada (1-2 Days in Transit) $132 CAD
  • Free Shipping (Flat Rate) FREE on orders above $655 CAD



We typically fulfill orders within 24 hours of receipt. In some instances fulfillment may take up to 5 days. 

  • If your order has a transit time of over 2-3 days it will ship Mon-Wed
  • if your order has a transit time of less than two days it may ship Wed/Thurs.
  • We only ship orders with a one day transit time on Thursdays.
  • We DO NOT ship Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

So an order for California, that came in after our cut-off on Wednesday would have to wait until next Monday to ship.


Your order will be packaged in an insulated cooler with dry ice and gel packs. Note that Dry Ice will melt in 24-48 hours. 

We always attempt to use Green Cell Foam, however we may ship using Styrofoam boxes as the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted availability of supplies.


*Updated August 2022.

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