Iberico Pork is commonly called the “the wagyu” of pork because of its noticeable high marbling. This due to the breed of the pork (Iberian) and how they are raised. We source these pork chops from the very best farms in Spain.

To be called Iberico" it must be from black iberian pigs and raised in Portugal or Spain. We work with different farms like Farm “vera Vieja” which is located in Retamal de Llerena (Badajoz, Spain). This farm stretches over a vast and rich pasture which provides the highest quality acorns, grass and excellent grazing fields, which is where these pigs are raised eating acorns and grass!

At the end of the day, it is all about the genetics, the feed and the lifestyle of the pork. Treating them just right, following humane practices and allowing the animals to roam freely and happily. They grow slow, and that makes Iberico pork much more expensive than what you will find at your local grocery store... and the difference is something you can taste. Iberico pork is tastier and healthier.


Jamon Iberico is made from Iberian Pigs... and Iberian pigs are NOT your average pigs. The origin of the Iberico pig goes back a centuries, as far back as to the to the time cavemen roamed Europe. There are written accounts about the quality of Iberian pigs that date back to the year 77 AC.

Iberico hogs are huge, they can weight up to 430 pounds. They have slender legs and a very long snout. They are dark grey and do not have much hair. Their hooves are black as night, which is where the term "Pata Negra" comes from.

Iberico Pigs are different... their digestive system has the capacity to transform the acorns and the rest of foods that make up their diet into heart-healthy fats.

Their size and their thick layer of fat makes Iberico Pigs ideal to make ham because they can be cured for much longer... and that results in a very intense, oily and complex flavor that is simply unparalleled.


The very best jam comes from pig that are fed acorns (bellota).

An oak tree can produce, on average, about 44 lbs of annual acorns, therefore to ensure sufficient food strict guidelines apply, and a minimum of 1 hectare per pig is required. The pigs raised this way are called "100% acorn fed". But they are a minority...

Most Jamon Iberico is not acorn-fed. It is made from Iberico pigs who live normal pig lives eating corn and other feed. It is still an excellent ham, benefiting from the noble lineage of the Iberico pig.

Those pigs who are destined for Bellota status, are sent to roam on natural pastureland that cover large expanses of central and southwestern Spain called "The dehesa".

These natural ecosystems, dotted with holm oak trees provide grasses, grains, tubers, insects, and wild mushrooms, as well as an abundance of acorns or bellotas, that Ibérico pigs consume in great quantities. All of this sets the Ibérico bellota hams apart from other categories of cured pork products.


We carry an amazing variety of Iberico Pork. Bone-in or Boneless? Thats up to you, both are amazing. The grade does make a huge
difference. If you do not understand beef grades, read our blog!

Jamon de Bellota (Acorn Fed) 100% Iberico |...

Hand-Carved | 2.5 Oz | Pata Negra


Iberico Bone-In Double Pork Chop

13-15oz | Sourced in Spain


Secreto Iberico

From Spain

Iberico Baby Back Pork Ribs

Sourced in Spain


Iberico St Louis Pork Ribs

Sourced in Spain

Jamon Serrano | Just Carved

Grass Fed | Hand-Carved | 2.5 Oz


Iberico Pork Tenderloin

From Spain


Chorizo Iberico de Bellota (Acorn Fed) | 100%...

Directly from Spain


Jamon de Cebo 100% Iberico | Just Carved

Cebo de Campo | Hand-Carved | 2.5 Oz


Jamon 100% Iberico de Bellota (Acorn Fed)

2 Oz | From Spain


Spreadable Chorizo Iberico | Sobrasada

Directly from Spain


Lomo (Loin) 100% Iberico de Bellota (Acorn Fed)

2oz | From Spain


Coppa Iberica de Bellota | Just Sliced

Directly from Spain


Iberico Pork Rib Rack

From Spain with love

Presa Iberica | Shoulder Steak

Directly from Spain

Pluma Iberica | Pork End Loin

Directly from Spain

Spanish Serrano Ham (Whole | Bone-In)

Grass Fed | From Spain | Online Only


Iberico Cebo de Campo Ham (Whole | Bone-In)

Jamon de Cebo / From Spain

Sold Out

Iberico de Bellota Ham (Whole | Bone-In)

Pata Negra | 100% Acorn Fed

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