Catering Services

Elevate your event with our Services. 

From Corporate events, intimate gatherings, weddings and specialized experiences, Meat N' Bone decided to step up and offer personalized Catering services to provide excellent culinary options along with venue and theme sourcing.

We partnered with two industry veterans who have been organizing events for over 25 years. Our process is simple:

  • Fill out the form below, or contact us at 1 (877) 448-6328
  • One of our Catering specialists with contact you to go through a questionnaire to define all details to plan your event.
  • Also, we offer many different services for your events. Check them out here

Catering or Grill Master?

A catered experience means you will have a private chef and a whole crew of people working for you. From an event planner with 25+ years of experience to a back office that works out of a state of the art facility. 

If you are looking for a "simpler" experience, or just one of our cooks to go and grill some of our fine meats... check out the Grillmaster section.

Why cater with Meat N' Bone?

What makes us different is that our main business is procuring the finest quality ingredients from around the world and that our #1 focus is customer service. These, two us, are the two key ingredients for success.

We started our Grill Master service 3 years ago and our customers asked us for catered experiences and well, we have decided to invest and expand into this by bringing on two industry veterans with over 20 years of experience catering high end events.

Last but not least, most chefs and caterers don't really know about the products they sell and they rely on third parties. But for us, quality ingredients... well that is #1.

We will also go over a list of questions and make sure that you, the customer, understands the scope of our services.