Give your private party or event an upscale atmosphere by hiring one of our experts Grill Masters!
This service is only available in areas where we have a boutique (South Florida).

What is the Grill Master Service?

One of our expert grill masters will go to your place to cook using your grill. This is NOT a catering service.

  • Grill Master will cook for up to 4 hours, this is lenght of service.
  • Grill Master brings his tools of the trade (Knives, Cutting Boards, Grilling Tools).
  • Grill Master requires a proper working grill, a working surface and shade. By booking the service you agree that if this conditions are not provided you will be charged extra.
  • Grill Rental is optional, as well as tables and canopies.
  • Sides and add-ons available.
  • You will need ONE Grill Master for every 20 guests. For every 20 guests after the first 20 you will require an additional grill master or assistant.
  • The Grill Master will NOT serve or provide any additional service. This is just a grill station.
  • Grill Master will ONLY cook proteins provided by Meat N’ Bone. No exceptions.
  • Scheduled Grill Master Service deposits are NOT refundable prior to 48 hours to the scheduled date. No exceptions will be made to this policy
  • Our Grill Masters are fully trained and insured.

Fill out the following form, please be as detailed as possible. You will have the ability to upgrade your experience by adding appetizers, sides, rentals and even servers and bartenders.

We do provide full catered services where our staff can tak over planning and executing your whole meal.

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