PICANHA (aka: Coulotte)

This is hands-down the most popular beef in Brazil. Picanha (pronounced pee-KAHN-yah) is known states-side as Top Sirloin Cap, Fat On... and the fat is what makes all the difference.

This cut packs a lot of flavor and offers one of the best price-value proposition. While Picanha is best cooked in open flames (charcoal or wood), it can also be cooked with gas or in the oven. Keep in mind, trimming is optional and it is highly recommended NOT to remove the fat cap before cooking (you can eat around it or remove it after). One last tip.. always cut against the grain for the final bite.

We offer Picanha of several grades, always with a fat cap. We offer both steaks (10-14oz) and roast (2-5 lbs). While steaks are a great way to taste the flavor of Picanha, and it is definitely easier to cook... we do believe the traditional roast is the way to go.


Picanha is easy to cook, this video shows you how to cook Picanha on the grill. That said, you can sous vide it, cook it in the oven or even slice it into steaks and cook to temp. The trick with Picanha is: cook to temp.


We carry an amazing variety of Picanha. Bone-in or Boneless? Thats up to you, both are amazing. The grade does make a huge
difference. If you do not understand beef grades, read our blog!