Opening a Help Ticket

To ensure the most efficient resolution of your concerns, we kindly request that you refrain from calling. Our boutiques aren't not often equipped to handle customer service inquiries, which are managed by a dedicated senior team to maintain our high standards of care. The quickest way to receive assistance is by emailing us ([email protected]) or by filling the form below; we typically respond within a few hours.
For the smoothest experience, please use only one method of communication. Reaching out through multiple channels like text, and email can delay our response as it takes additional time for our team to consolidate your information.

Remember to take a look at our FAQ page for any initial questions you might have.

If you had an issue with your order, kindly submit the details along with this form. Be as specific as possible with the description and include as many pictures as you can. When opening an issue claim where there is a product or order issue, pictures are required.