G1 Certified USDA Prime


Dry aging beef is a complex and expensive process. It is more of an art than a science, even though there are some laws that cannot be broken. Dry aging beef impacts both flavor and tenderness and while it is not for everyone, if you happen to love Dry Aged beed, prepare to add a new line item to your budget.

We dry age beef by storing it uncovered in a refrigerated room (32°F to 34°F) under controlled humidity and air flow, we find the sweet spot to be 45-60 days (we do longer dry aging by request). Dry aging results in distinctive brown-roasted beefy flavor. It can be described as "nutty", but we prefer the word funky".

We only use the best USDA Prime beef in order to dry age. We don’t cut corners, we age the 107 Rib Muscle and the 1x1 Striploin, this way there is plenty of fat and bone protecting the beef that is getting aged. The aging rooms we work with have been “developing the environment for dry aging” over the last decade and a half, meaning we have the perfect environment to age beef.


Dry-aged beef has a distinctive, intense flavor that is different from fresh or wet-aged beef. The aging process causes the beef to lose moisture, which concentrates the flavors and creates a nutty, savory taste. Dry-aged beef also has a distinctive texture, with a slightly chewy and tender bite that is different from the tender texture of fresh beef.

In addition to the nutty flavor, dry-aged beef is often described as having a rich, buttery taste, with hints of earthy or umami notes. The flavor can be intense, so many people prefer to serve dry-aged beef in smaller portions or as an accent to other dishes. The intense flavor and unique texture of dry-aged beef make it a popular choice among foodies and gourmets who appreciate fine dining and high-quality cuisine.


It takes time and space to dry aged beef, and there is a cost to that. Moreover, during the aging process beef will lose up to 20-25% of the original weight. Dry aging beef is a labor intensive process, as it requires supervision and regular maintenance. However, for many, the extra expense is well justified. You can always start with our Dry Aged Brisket Burgers, which are delicious and have that nutty flavor we are all looking for.


Yes, many people successfully dry age beef at home. We sell a dry aging fridge that is very good (Click here to see them), we also sell the right muscles for you to dry age at home. However it will require time, patience and a good bone-saw. You could dry age a regular Bone-In Prime rib or Bone-In Striploin, but the results will not be the same. Last but not least, professional dry aging rooms have better mold environment and ecosystems which result in better aged beef.

Dry Aged Brisket Burgers

2 Lbs (4 Patties | Dry Aged)

Bone-In Ribeye (Cowboy Steak) 45+ Days Dry Aged



Kansas Strip Steak (45+ Days Dry Aged)



Tomahawk Steak Dry Aged

32 Oz | USDA Prime

Dry Aged Wagyu Ground Beef | Akaushi Wagyu

1 Lb | 30 Day Dry Aged


Petit New York Strip Steak (45+ Days Dry...

8 Oz | USDA PRIME | 45+ Days


Florentine Steak (45+ Days Dry Aged) | USDA...

48oz | Bistecca Alla Fiorentina


Petit New York Strip Steak | G1 Certified

10 Oz | USDA Choice


Dry Aged Prime Rib Bone-In (45+ Days) |...

7 Lbs Avg | 30+ Day Wet Aged


Bone-In Ribeye | 60+ Days Dry Aged |...

Approx 20 Oz | USDA PRIME


107 Prime Rib Muscle | USDA Prime

Perfect for Serious Dry Aging

1x1 Bone-In Striploin Muscle | USDA Prime

Ideal for Serious Dry Aging at home

Whisky Prime Rib | 60+ Day Dry Aged...

Dry Aged | USDA Prime

103 Prime Rib Muscle | USDA Prime

Perfect for Serious Dry Aging