We now sell Beer & Wine!

If you have browsed our website recently you will notice that we have added Beer & Wine to our product selection. As with everything we do this is a calculated move.. we are not looking to take business away from the liquor store and do not plan to become a supermarket. But we have selected what we believe to be some of the best products, that go along with our meats, in the market for our clientele.

Inedit Beer Grayson Wine Mcmanis wine cattleya wine caymus wine turnbull wine el enemigo wine tarapaca wine

Our beer selection is limited to Inedit Beer. We selected Inedit because it is special... the word Inedit means "Never been done before", which is what Meat N' Bone is all about. This beer is no regular beer, it was crafted by the globally acclaimed chef Ferran Andria, along with Juli Soler and sommeliers Ferran Centelles and David Seijas.. considered some of the best chefs and sommeliers in the world.

If you ask them, they would ask you to serve it cold and in a white wine glass. Im less particular about how its served as long as it is cold. One thing I love about Inedit is that it pairs extremely well with a steak.

As for our wine selection, it will possibly change over time as time goes by...after all, each vintage of wine if finite. What we are looking for is for wines that pair well with meat and offer an excellent price/value proposition at each price range. We were looking to hit three distinct price points, $11, $30 and $75. 

For our affordable (<$15) wine we picked the Grayson. Both delicious Cabernet Sauvignon from California. At their price, these is extremely good, similar wines usually cost twice the price...This is not a product you will usually find at your supermarket and it pairs amazingly well with meat. McManis is Dark garnet in color with a bouquet full of blueberry, blackberry and black cherry notes and a hint of smoke. Grayson are made in Lots and is extremely hard to find... This wine shows a dark ruby color with a rich nose of blackberry, raspberries and hints of black pepper.

A very impressive wine we have available is the Turnbull. Wilfred Wong of Wine.com rated this wine 94/100... and Wine Enthusiast rated it 93/100 and gave it the Editors Choice award. It is definitely worth it at its price.

We have not been huge fans of Pinot Noir... But when we got our hands into the exclusive Cattleya Pinot Noir Cuvée Number One it changed our view. Crafted by an ex-Pahlmeyer, this wine is the result of just amazing craftsmanship. Production is very limited... Less than 3,000 bottles per year. And, yes, this wine, will make you raise your eyebrows.

For our top of the line wine we went with the A5 of Cabernet, Caymus. This product needs no introduction, it is one of the best wines produced in California. This is for those who love, appreciate and are willing to pay for good things.

We can only sell our wines in Florida, so for now.. we can't ship outside the state. But that will change over time.


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