Proud Canes: It's March Madness and Meat N' Bone is sponsoring Miami Hurricanes Basketball Star Kameron McGusty! - Meat N' Bone

Proud Canes: It's March Madness and Meat N' Bone is sponsoring Miami Hurricanes Basketball Star Kameron McGusty!

Our CEO is an alumni of the University of Miami and the rest of us love everything Miami. So when the opportunity to sponsor Kam came along... we could not pass it along.

We met Kam and he turned out to be an amazing person. So, we got his story and asked him about all kinds of things.

As an athlete, Kam is looking to lead the Hurricanes in their first national tournament appearance since 2018. He’s had a stellar season, leading the team in scoring averaging over 17.6 points per game. Earning him All ACC First Team and ACC All-Tournament First Team honors, as well as Miami finishing with a 23-10 record. Kameron fell in love with our Ribeye Wagyu BMS6-7 steak cooked medium-well and our Ora King Salmon.

Now March Madness is coming up (hope you are as ready as we are) and we are ready to announce our first ever NIL partnership with this local college basketball star.


Who is Kameron? What impact did basketball bring to your life?

Kam: My name is Kameron Mcgusty, I am 23 years old from Houston Texas and I am a shooting guard for the University of Miami. Basketball has been put in my hand at a very young age, ever since I was around 3 or 4. It has always been my end goal; I always knew I wanted to play at the highest level in college and then make the transition towards professional.

How important is your diet to your daily routine? What does your diet look like?

Kam: It's important to eat well in general. As an athlete that's what gives you more juice and it's important to maintain a healthy balance of what foods you take in. I've noticed that having healthy variety choices helps my body, mostly when you have to play late into February and March and need that extra push from the toll your body takes during the season. Your body is a machine and you gotta put the right stuff in like vegetables, protein, and the right type of carbs so you can perform your best, balance for everything is key.

How does the choice of food differ from in-season to off-season?

Kam: I keep it the same year-round, I don’t change it since I work out and train as well during the off-season. By doing so keeping it healthy year-round it helped my body recover better, I have played in more games during this season compared to last year and I am sure my diet helped with the recovery process. I also tend to stay away from fast foods as much as I can, salmon however, is my favorite. I specifically love your Ora King Saku kind, I always make sure to grab some when I come to your place.

Lastly, we are a butcher shop, and we would love to know what is your favorite steak?

Kam: I am from Texas, and we love our big steaks so I’m going to have to go with the Meat N’ Bone Ribeye Wagyu BMS 6-7. Its a large and juicy steak!

Kameron Ribeye

We are proud of you Kam, best of luck, and welcome to the Meat N’ Bone and The Wagyu Bar family!


Follow Kam at @kameronmcgusty23

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