Venison Filet

Venison: The Lean, Mean, Protein Machine

At Meat N’ Bone, we are all about exploring diverse flavors, and venison is a ticket to a culinary adventure. This red meat, hailed from our graceful forest-dwelling deer, is a lean, nutrient-packed choice.

Venison sports a taste richer and more complex than the usual beef, with a slight sweetness. Its texture? Unmistakably tender yet lean, offering a guilt-free indulgence.

Identifying top-notch venison is akin to spotting a diamond in the rough. Fresh venison boasts a deep red hue, with a clean, meaty scent.

Any off-putting odor or sliminess? That’s your cue to steer clear. But that will not be an issue when sourcing from Meat N' Bone

Embark on the venison voyage. With every bite, you’re not just savoring high-quality meat, but partaking in a tradition as ancient as the whispering woods from whence it came. Explore our venison offerings and get a taste of the wild at Meat N' Bone.


With a meat so fine, simplicity is key. A dash of salt, a sprinkle of pepper, and the sizzling embrace of a hot grill or skillet is often all it takes to unlock venison’s wild, natural flavors.

Venison is best cooked to a medium-rare temperature, which is around 130°F to 135°F (54°C to 57°C) to maintain its tenderness and moisture. However, the exact temperature may vary depending on personal preference and the specific cut of venison. It's recommended to use a meat thermometer to ensure precise cooking temperatures.

Check out this video of one of our team members preparing Venison:



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