MEAT N BONE was born out of love.  Love for a good steak, sourced from enviromentally friendly farms from cows fed like olympic stars... because WE ARE WHAT WE EAT... and so is cattle.

MEAT N BONE was born out of the lack of high quality beef at the supermarket. Its too hard to navigate through countless labels and claims from large companies that focus on volume. We focus on QUALITY.

Every steak we sell is something we would serve our guests. You can track our beef all the way to the farm and we stand by every single product in our shop.

MEAT N BONE offers restaurant grade steaks at supermarket prices.  


German, Gabriel and Luis travelled to Michigan for vacations. Over there, our friends Scott & Ally Ferry, from Ferry Farms have treated us to the best steaks we have EVER had.

So we had a choice to make... either leave our homes and move our families to the farm.... or bring the farm home.