2021 Father's Day Gift Guide - Meat N' Bone

2021 Father's Day Gift Guide

So we are not in a position to make a lot of lists, like for example we would struggle to make a list of places you should visit. But we can certainly make a list of some COOL gifts for ANY father that enjoys good food. Here are some ideas:



Alright both you and I know that the "man" pretends to know more about beef than he actually does. So in order to enlighten him, why not gift him a set of 5 Ribeyes of different grades: USDA Prime, Wagyu-Angus Cross, Wagyu BMS6-7, Wagyu BMS8-9 and Miyazaki-Gyu A5.

This way he can try everything from what you can find at your local steakhouse, to the Miyazaki-Gyu A5 Ribeye which, if you can find it at a local steakhouse will cost more than this whole box.



A good Picanha in the US is already hard to find. For years, this has been a cut for the real beef connoisseurs. Now, finding an A5 Picanha and from the best A5 Program in Japan... that is just a different level.

That said, you do NOT have to go A5. As we have Picanhas of every grade and they all are awesome



The Tomahawk steak is a gorgeous hunk of meat. By cooking it your bad-ass points go up immediately. When you put it on the table it overshadows anything else you serve. Moreover, it is actually as delicious as it looks.

This Tomahawk in particular weights 52oz, and this is just not any tomahawk. This steak is Wagyu sourced from Colorado, USA. 

Just like the Picanha you DONT have to go Tomahawk and you DONT have to go Wagyu. Our USDA Prime Tomahawks are better than what you will find in 95% of steakhouses in the US. 



The whole Ribeye muscle with the bones frenched. This is a VERY impressive roast and while it does carry an impressive price-tag, it makes for an amazing center piece. Every time we open one of these bad boys up... we are impressed.

 You can cook it as a roast or you can cut it into tomahawks. Either way this will be an amazing eating experience.

The whole piece comes vacuum sealed.


This isnt a cook for the faint of heart, yes you are cooking a VERY small pig. This is a segovian-style suckling pig, raised following Spanish traditions in the US. Those segovian traditions indicate that a suckling pig cannot be heavier than 10 lbs and must not be older than three weeks. More importantly, it only must be milk-fed and the mother must have been on a special diet that makes the meat super tender. 

This means the meat is EXTREMELY tender and flavorful. Cooking a Suckling Pig is no more difficult than cooking a Prime Rib or Turkey and one thing I love about is that it fits in your oven. Check out our guide to cooking an amazing Suckling Pig.

If you are hosting over 15 people you may want to go with a bigger hog. They aren't as tender (or special) but they are still succulent. This is as good as pigs get. 



Maybe gift some hardware? Check out our sister store, the Grill Master's Boutique? 


Picture this, your husband just grilled some amazing steaks but your guests are saying they are "too rare". Instead of tossing them back on the grill you pull out this bad boy and BOOM torch them table-side.

Technically, this is best used to sear a steak after you sous-vide it, or to light up charcoal. But if the dad in your life is anything like me... there are SOOO many cool things you can use the Grill Gun for.

You can buy at the Grill Master's Boutique.





Everyone loves to have a bunch of good knives, but anyone who has ever worked in a kitchen can tell you... all you need is ONE good knife. That knife is a Chef's knife. Everything else... well every other knife is gravy.

A classic chef's knife is the most important knife in your collection. I recommend starting out with a 7-9 inch one. This is a versatile and efficient knife that works for everything that you can do in a kitchen.

At The GM Boutique, we sell Tojiro knives which come from the prefecture of Niigata, Japan. These guys have been forging knives for over 100 years.


Picanha | A5 Miyazakigyu Japanese Wagyu

Winner 2007 and 2012 Wagyu Olympics

Monster Tomahawk Steak | Wagyu BMS 8-9

50oz - 54oz | Massive Size


Prime Rib Tomahawk | USDA Prime

26 Lbs


Suckling Pig (Cochinillo) | Domestic

8 - 10 lbs | Fed only on Mother's Milk


FL only

Premium Whole Pig | Heritage

Heritage Bred


100% Iberico Cochinillo | Suckling Pig

Fed only on Mother's Milk

The Grill Gun | SuV-Gun


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