Introducing Prime+ Wagyu-Angus Cross Beef

Introducing Prime+ Wagyu-Angus Cross Beef

We sell Wagyu A5 beef, however, at Meat N' Bone, our focus is on offering premium quality beef at supermarket prices. It's a pretty hard to sell Wagyu A5 beef at anything less than market value because it's so scarce.

In our never-ending search for high quality beef, we ran into a group of Uruguayans who have over 20 years of experience cross-breeding. A few years ago they started experimenting with a Wagyu-Angus breed, and now, its' arrived stateside.

Prime+ Wagyu-Angus Cross Beef

Is it as good as Wagyu A5? No it isn't. But it also is nowhere near as expensive.

Our Prime+ is a Premium Steak priced slightly above Choice, on par with Prime (sometimes a little more expensive). This is a steak you can enjoy EVERY DAY if you wished to.

Simply put, cross bred Wagyu is an affordable addition to our lineup. Check out our Wagyu Angus cross beef range here.





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