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Meat N'Bone 2.0: Chicken, Lamb and Pork Coming Soon (Oh, And Our First Store)

It's been 3 months since we launched and it's been an incredible ride. Since we officially opened our website, we have delivered almost 420 orders to over 206 customers. I'm happy to see so many of our customers coming back. We have developed some nice relationships and hope to develop so many more.

We have processed A LOT of meat, making mistakes and learning many new things. We have delivered on many requests we never expected to (goose, beef cheeks, etc).The art of the butcher shop was kind of lost since butcher shops lost out to supermarkets. But we aim to change the trend.

Our event at The Mighty in Coral Way was a total success, and on June 28th we will have a pop up at the Summer BBQ next to the Brickell City Centre. We have had some really cool customers (aka: celebrities) but to be frank, the coolest ones have been the families who welcome our Grill Masters to their home and treat them like family while they celebrate a birthday, graduation or a family get-together. Thank you!

When we launched our website, we only offered USDA Prime and USDA Choice products and everything was Certified Angus Beef. Then we introduced the Meat N'Bone Premium reserve which comes from our very own Ferry Farms in Michigan. That was quickly followed by the introduction of our grass fed beef products.

Last week we launched our Wagyu-Angus cross.

You will continue to see products be added and dropped from our offering as we try to keep our list of curated premium meats lean.

You probably noticed we removed all mentions of Certified Angus Beef. Well, turns out you can only advertise their trademark if that is all you sell, so we removed them from our website. Frankly, their loss.

What Now?

For a long time now we have been working on procuring high quality pork and chicken products to add to our line up (after all, we are Meat N'Bone and not Beef N'Bone). We have settled for what we want to offer. It's not a long list, but it will be literally the best pork, lamb and chicken you can find in Miami. You will start seeing those show up soon.

We will also be adding some curated meats such as Bacon (FINALLY!!), Genoa Salami, Capocollo, Sopressata, Pepperoni, Prosciutto and Pancetta.

Last but not least, e recently signed the lease to our first physical store. It's small, humble and cozy but it is classy. Do not expect your typical high-end, show-off brickell store. That is not who we are. We are sticking to our core concept. We'd rather have low overheads so we can keep our prices low (for the quality we offer) than have a fancy shop.

For now, we will only be receiving customers who schedule appointments.

We will continue to innovate and do what we do best. Offer Premium Quality Meats at Supermarket prices! 


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