Our Meat N' Bone Private Reserve beef comes directly from Ferry Farms, a fourth-generation FAMILY owned and operated farm that began in 1906.

The Ferrys have a full time nutritionist on staff working with them to ensure their cattle are receiving a highly managed diet comprised of only the highest quality feed. They raise the majority of their feed on their 1,500 acres and are certified as an Environmentally Verified farm (see http://www.maeap.org/about for more information) using farming practices focused on the long-term sustainability of the land. 

The Ferry family is passionate about their cattle and consider their animals a part of their family. Along with their nutritionist, they have a veterinarian, herd manager, and management team in place to ensure they are staying abreast in the many ways to excel at raising their cattle in a clean and comfortable environment.

OR as the Ferrys put it:

"We LOVE cows! We are so excited each day that we get to wake up and care for them. We consider it a privilege that we get to raise the feed that we give to our animals, who utilize that feed to give us the food that we put on the tables of our family AND yours!"


When you purchase products labeled as organic, or grass fed... you are still going throug the industrialized meat industry. Even our Premium Reserve Beef is processed at an excellent, family owned industrial meat processing plan.

If you buy a Whole, Quarter or Half Beef you are consuming meat from a single animal processed at a custom processor. In a nutshell, you are going to eat beef just like real farmers do.


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