#GrillmasterSeries: How to cook the perfect Outside Skirt (AKA Entraña, Churrasco) - Meat N' Bone

#GrillmasterSeries: How to cook the perfect Outside Skirt (AKA Entraña, Churrasco)

Outside skirts is one of the most delicious steaks in a steer. It is tender and full of flavor... that is why the word "Churrasco" (which really translates to "BBQ") is synonym with outside skirt.

However, Outside Skirt is ONLY good if... you buy "outside skirt", it is properly wet aged, trimmed "just right" and sourced correctly. Because if not it can also be chewy and taste "off".


Cooking Outside Skirt is also slightly different than cooking any other steak. For outside skirt you want as much heat as you can het. So naturally, we partnered up with Jealous Devil Charcoal to show you how to cook it!

We love the quality of Jealous Devil charcoal because unlike other brands, you don't see sparks, pops, flair ups, excessive ash or heavy smoke -also, the bag is really cool!

Checkout the video or the step by step guide here:


Step #01: Light up your Jealous Devil Quebracho Lump Charcoal

You want your grill to be as hot as possible, so light up the charcoal and be patient.

Step #02: Distribute charcoal evenly across the grill


Step #03: Open the Outside Skirt Steak package and let the steak come to room temperature

You may have some "confinement smell", just let is air out a bit. 

Step #04: Season with grilling salt


A good outside skirt does not need to be marinated. Just coarse salt.

Step #05: Get your grill as hot as possible, when it comes to skirt the hotter the better


We got this grill to over 800 degrees... but you can even go Cavemen and cook directly on the charcoal!

Step #06: Place the Outside Skirt steak apart from each other and cook for 3 minutes


Step #07: Flip the steaks and cook for another 3 minutes for Medium Rare

Step #09:  Remove steaks from the heat

Step #10:  Let them rest for 5 minutes

Step #11:  Slice against the grain

Always slice your skirt against the grain... otherwise it will be chewier. 

Step #11:  EXTRA: Serve with Chimichurri Sauce!

If you truly want the south-american experience, you GOT to add chimichurri sauce.fresh  

Step #12:  Enjoy!

Good friends, good food, good times! That is what life is all about!

If you liked this recipe, here are all items used to grill these Outside Skirt Steaks:

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GrillMaster's Hot Chimichurri Sauce

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Jealous Devil Quebracho Lump Charcoal | 10 Lbs

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