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The Grill Master Experience

There are some bad, some good and a few excellent steakhouses in town. But to be honest, if you have a good, aged piece of meat... it does not take much skill to cook it properly, at least not when you have the technique down. A good steak only needs salt in terms of seasoning... everything else is "optional".

By buying our steaks you will save roughly 40-50% on the price. Yes that means you will have to come up with your own sides (unless you get some sausages) but sides and drinks are outrageously overpriced in any fine restaurant.

I love grilling at home. I have developed my own skills as a grill master over the years... but when I have more than a handful of guests, I often end up cooking a lot and hosting my guests very little. When I do not like the guests, it works out great... but when I want to spend some quality time with quality people, it is a bit frustrating.

Hiring a catering company is an option, however it is an expensive option.... it just is not worth it for many catering companies to cater for a small event.

Enter the Meat N' Bone's GRILL MASTER.

For $120 you get 4 hours of a grill master who does all the work around the grill and serves the food while you spend quality time with your guest.

At that price Meat N' Bone is barely breaking even. We pay our grill masters almost the whole fee because it is not about 4 hours of "grilling". They help you select the beef and sides you want to grill, they pick up supplies, prepare and drive over to our customers house.

We do the grill masters because they are an excellent PR tool for our brand, and the profit we make is from whatever meats you buy. Yes, the only "condition" for hiring our grill masters is to buy the meats from us. Fair trade. isn't it? even better when we force you to have our amazing steakhouse grade steaks instead of buying whatever is available at your local supermarket. So you truly get the steakhouse experience... except at home with your top-shelve drinks and inexpensive sides!

There is an upscale feeling of having a guy dressed in uniform come to your house, with his own tools to cook and serve your guests.. clean up and leave with a smile.

We have done small events (4-7 people) and large events (80+), for both family reunions and corporate meetings. Weddings, birthdays and a couple times "just because".

Over the last 5 months we have served over 500 guests in over 32 grill masters.


Send us an email for a free quote to (or call us at 786.492.6328) or book a grill master right away and one of the members of our team will call you right away to iron our the details...

 Dont have a grill? Its ok, we rent those too!




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