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Fair Pricing: At Meat N' Bone we do not play the discount game

America has one of the greatest meat industries in the world, an industry built by many passionate souls who have poured their hearts for generations into raising the best animals to produce meat and dairy. I have met farmers who are literally obsessed with making sure their animals are fed well, treated well and get processed the right way. They are the ones who made us fall in love with high quality beef.

As usual, when something is done "right", the results are palpable. However, the rush for growth and to meet sales targets and standardize everything has led the meat industry to forgo quality and cheat customers. Proper farmers are a dying breed... as the industry consolidates (80% of America's beef comes from 4 producers, who now happen to also own supermarkets) it just is not profitable to be a farmer. 

The lack of quality and rush for rock bottom prices has driven butchers and supermarkets to sell poor quality meat at absurdly low prices, even if it means coming up with absurd marketing schemed to dupe consumers into buying crap (don't even get me started on the games most Steakhouses play).

Every week stores rush to announce "specials" and "discounts" to drive consumers to buy whatever it is they sell... 

Rising animals "right" has given in to CAFO farms where animals are fed whatever makes them gain weight faster, while sitting still and literally waiting to die. Simply put... the industry sucks.

It doesn't have to be that way.

Meat N' Bone is part of a new wave of butchers who have simply refused to play that game. If you are willing to trade quality for price, there are plenty of stores that will take your business. Head over, to your local supermarket that brings boxed beef from god knows where or to your local frozen palace who pretends to sell "quality" at rock bottom prices.

Meat is a commodity, prices fluctuate based on supply and demand... that means that NONE of the players get to decide what prices look like. If you want a certain quality, you will have to pay what it costs... and that is what we do.

We offer the best price we can for every product we sell. We refuse to win customers over based on pricing. We explicitly tell our customers where our meat comes from, breed,  how long it is aged for and how it grades. We pay our employees a fair wage and treat them right. We want our butchers and farmers to earn a living wage.

We believe, that like us... there are people out there who want their food to be raised "right". That means animals, even if raised to eventually become food, are treated properly... fed a nutritious diet, cared for and respected from the time they are born to the time they are slaughtered. This has a cost and both we and our customers are happy to pay it.

Does this mean we are more expensive than your local supermarket?


If you want a high quality, properly aged, angus or wagyu USDA Prime center cut piece of tenderloin, RibEye or New York Strip.. yeah... it will not be "cheap"., and most likely you will NOT find it at your local supermarket. That is why we also sell over 180 different steaks of many different grades at many different price points... so that you can pair a FAIR price for a steak that fits your needs and your budget.

As consumers, we have been trained to expect discounts. This forces companies to play the "discount game". Artificially inflating prices to then offer discounts... or pretending that a lower quality product is of higher quality (no, there is not a prime filet mignon that will price out at $15/lb... the math will never add up).

So no. We do not and we will not do large discounts, specials or weekly deals. We believe in the quality of our meats, the quality of our farmers and butchers and the value of our customer experience (that is why our customer service is AWESOME). We set fair prices, we do not play games.. we do things right.

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