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Prime Pork Now Available!

At Meat N' Bone we pride ourselves in offering the best quality meats available in the market. At this point we feel our beef offers are right where they need to be. So its item to delve into some of our other products.

Less than a month ago we introduced what we consider to be "The Wagyu of Pork". Iberico Pork sourced from the beautiful Dehesa in Spain. The product has been a hit, but it is expensive.

We are now replacing our current pork offering (which we did love) for Prime Pork from Comfrey Farms. 


If you have had our Cheshire Pork you may be asking... why are you guys doing this?


The answer is simple. We came, we saw, we loved.   

Comfrey Farm is a different type of operation, it is basically a cooperative of four family farms in the beautiful state of Minnesota. These farms follow very stringent genetic,nutrition, animal health and care standards to offer a succulent end product.

Moreover, Comfrey Farms works with REAL Duroc Pork. It is literally certified to be. They have crossed a specially-selected, registered purebred DUROC sire line with an F1 female, producing offspring that deliver optimum meat quality.

The result is pork that presents amazing marbling with a ruby-pink color. It has excellent pH, perfect texture and it is flavorful and juicy every single time!

Happy Pigs!

What I LOVE about this program is I know specifically WHO raised these pigs and WHAT farm they came from. All animals are raised and handled with respect and dignity. They are fed a 100% vegetarian, vitamin- and mineral-packed diet consisting of locally-grown grains with no artificial ingredients or growth promotants. The entrie plant is 100% Ractopamine (Paylean) free.


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