Friendsgiving Food & Meal Ideas To Impress Your Friends

Friendsgiving Food & Meal Ideas To Impress Your Friends

Every year, Thanksgiving rolls around and we have the opportunity to take stock of all we have to be thankful for over the course of the past year. Even if you’ve had a challenging year, and aren't feeling like giving thanks, there is nothing better than an excuse to share some good food with friends or family.

In lieu of family to celebrate with for Thanksgiving, Friendsgiving has become a recent trend as a fresh alternative to enjoy this celebratory holiday.

What Is Friendsgiving?

Friendsgiving is simply taking the opportunity to celebrate Thanksgiving with friends as opposed to family. This could be for numerous reasons, such as living away from family, not having family to celebrate, or even preferring the company of friends over family.

At Meat N' Bone, we love celebrating with friends. The backbone of our company is friendship, being founded by three friends with a shared love for good quality meat. So there's no better excuse than Thanksgiving to combine our two loves of friends and meat.

Here's some great ideas Friendsgiving menu ideas to impress your friends. For further Thanksgiving meal ideas, check out our post on Thanksgiving meat dishes.

Friendsgiving Appetizer & Side Dish Ideas

Charcuterie and Cheese

As far as Friendsgiving goes, you can’t go past an appetizer of delicious charcuterie and cheese. Our team at Meat N’ Bone have invested a lot of time and energy into sourcing the best cheese and charcuterie available.

You can build your own charcuterie board by browsing our Charcuterie and Cheese section or you can go with one of our pre-made combos.

Charcuterie and Cheese

Premade Side Dishes

If you’re short on time and would rather spend your energy on the main course, you can simply order a range of delicious side dishes that are pre made, packaged & ready to serve for your convenience. Enjoy your favorite side dishes served at The Wagyu Bar with our collection of bbq and meat sides. These include the popular mashed sweet potato and creamy spinach.

Friendsgiving Main Course Dinner Ideas (Including Food Ideas That Aren’t Turkey)

Drunken Prime Rib

There is nothing like a good roast, and the Prime Rib cut is the king of them all. How can we make it even better? By infusing it with alcohol because well, no great adventure started with drinking water.

drunken prime rib

Our drunken prime ribs have spent 90 days aging and infusing in our favorite spirits (rum, gin, scotch). It is kind of like raising a baby for three months. It makes for one of those unique dishes that is certain to impress a room full of friends. Cooking a Prime Rib doesn’t take a lot of work, in fact you can just follow our super easy (3 minute) guide to cooking a Prime Rib.

Iberico Pork

iberico pork rib

This is the Wagyu of Pork. Iberico pork is extremely tender, marbled and easy to cook. The great thing about "The Wagyu of Pork" is that it is definitely a lot less expensive than wagyu meat but just as special. For Thanksgiving I would recommend the Iberico Pork Tenderloin or Pork Rib Rack (Pictured). Either are great for groups.

Segovian Suckling Pig

This isn’t a dish for the faint of heart. This is a segovian-style suckling pig, raised following Spanish traditions in the US. Those segovian traditions indicate that a suckling pig cannot be heavier than 10 lbs and must not be older than three weeks. More importantly, it only must be milk-fed and the mother must have been on a special diet that makes the meat super tender.

This means the meat is extremely tender and flavorful. Cooking a suckling pig is no more difficult than cooking a prime rib or turkey and one thing I love about it is that it fits in your oven. Check out our guide to cooking an amazing Suckling Pig.

If you are hosting over 15 people you may want to go with a bigger hog. They aren't as tender (or special) but they are still succulent. This is as good as pigs get.

Amish Turkey

We can’t write a Friendsgiving dish idea guide without mentioning turkey. Afterall, what’s Thanksgiving with turkey? But we recommend branching out and making this Friendsgiving turkey extra special.

We have written plenty about why investing in a HIGH quality turkey is worth the dough. Some of us find Turkey boring for thanksgiving, others (like German) love it.

Either way, if you want a GOOD Turkey there is simply no better Turkey than our Amish Turkeys. We actually had a farm hatch and raised these turkeys for us following traditional Amish standards.

Pair with some traditional Thanksgiving Cranberry Sauce and you have a match made in heaven.

Other Friendsgiving Menu Ideas

For those who want a smaller or more affordable Thanksgiving main idea to turkey, you can always opt for something like our Bell & Evans Whole Chicken which is superb, or our Maple Leaf Farms Whole Duck. Both of these are excellent on the rotisserie.

A Brisket is a great main meal idea for a group of friends who love their smoked meats. This will only work if you have the time and dedication to cook it right. We have 3 different grades of brisket.

If you want to be a bit different, we also recommend our Veal Racks or Lamb Racks which are also spectacular.

Friendsgiving Dessert Ideas

If you’ve spent all your time on preparing the main course, sides and entrees, and left little time for dessert, then the easiest solution to impress at Friendsgiving is to buy some Aubi & Ramsa Alcohol Infused Ice Cream. They have a delicious range of flavors that add a little naughty twist to everyone’s favorite treat.

Suckling Pig (Cochinillo) | Domestic - Meat N' Bone

Suckling Pig (Cochinillo) | Domestic

8 - 10 lbs | Fed only on Mother's Milk


FL only

Premium Whole Pig | Heritage - Meat N' Bone

Premium Whole Pig | Heritage

Heritage Bred


100% Iberico Cochinillo

100% Iberico Cochinillo | Suckling Pig

Fed only on Mother's Milk

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