#GrillMaster series: How to cook a Japanese A5 Miyazaki Wagyu Ribeye - Meat N' Bone

#GrillMaster series: How to cook a Japanese A5 Miyazaki Wagyu Ribeye

You have probably heard of Kobe beef, which is A5 beef from the prefecture of Hyogo, Japan. While Kobe made it famous, the prefecture of Miyazaki perfected the art of A5 beef. Over the past decade Miyazaki has won quite a few prizes for their quality, including a couple Wagyu Olympics.

If you want to try A5 beef there are two ways to go about it: You can go to a fancy steakhouse and pay roughly $35-$45 per ounce (so a 10oz steak like the one we sell is $400) or you can cook your own. Today we teach you how to cook your own.


At first glance every cut of A5 beef will be EXTREMELY fatty compared to any other steak you have ever had. That delicate and yet rich fat, which can make up to more than 60% of the steak is what makes it melt in your mouth. 

This amount of fat makes the beef have a lower melting point, meaning it will cook faster than your average steak. Cooking A5 is extremely easy, that said... it is recommended to pay close attention so that you do not burn or overcook your steaks.




Step #01: Open up your steak and let it come to room temperature

You should never shock your steak by taking it our of the refrigerator, or even worse the freezer and toss it into the fire. When you are working with a steak as premium as an A5 Miyazaki Ribeye, do it well. It 

Step #02: Salt, maybe pepper?


You are cooking one of the richest and most flavorful steaks in the world. You don't need much in terms of seasoning. We do recommend lightly salting it.

Step #03: Pre heat your cast iron skillet (or any skillet)

You are looking for a QUICK sear, so the hotter your skillet is the better. This is why we recommend using cast Iron skillets as they retain heat the best.

Step #04: Sear

A5 is extremely rich and fatty, that means you dont need oil or anything to aid with the sear. Just place the steak in the hot skillet for 1 minute per side... all we are looking for is a really nice sear.

Step #05: Let it rest for 30 seconds to a minute

Step #06: Enjoy

Good food, good friends, good times.

That is the Meat N' Bone Way.


This same recipe can be used to cook our A5 Striploin, A5 Denver and A5 Zabuton.



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