#GrillMaster series: How to cook a New York Strip Steak with Roasted Bone Marrow - Meat N' Bone

#GrillMaster series: How to cook a New York Strip Steak with Roasted Bone Marrow

Some people say you can either love a Ribeye or a New York Strip. However, at Meat N’ Bone we could hardly pick. Our New York Strips as just as tender and flavorful as our Ribeyes. The real difference is in the uniformity, the New York presents a texture and flavor that is very uniform on the whole steak.

We carry a large variety of New York Strips:

  • Miami Strip: A small 7-8oz new york, a bi-product from when we cut our larger steaks. Graded USDA Choice G1, but sometimes it can be as high as Wagyu BMS 6-7.
  • G1 Certified: High grade USDA Choice Wet Aged for 30 days
  • G1 Certified USDA Prime: High grade USDA Prime Wet Aged for 30 days
  • Wagyu Angus Cross: Crossbred of Wagyu and Angus cows.
  • Wagyu BMS6-7: Beefy, from one of America's best Wagyu Programs from Colorado.
  • Wagyu BMS 8-9: Best in class Wagyu from Australia, not as rich as A5 but extremely marbled.
  • Miyazaki-Gyu A5: Considered the best Japanese Wagyu in the world.

We also carry Dry Aged New York Strip, which we call Kansas as it is Bone-In.

We are going to cook this Strip with a side of roasted bone marrow, one of the most delicious eats ever.
If you have never tried bone marrow, you should. Note that you can do exactly the same receipt with any steak.

This is how you do it:



Step #01: Open up your steak and let it come to room temperature. Pre-Heat oven or grill to 250 (for bone marrow)

Let it sit, we will come back to the steak. 

Step #02: Open up the bone marrow, season with salt, olive oil and pepper.

Step #03: Place Bone Marrow in Oven for 20 minutes

You can also use your grill, Bone Marrow is very simple to cook.

Step #04: Now let's season the NY Strip and Pre-Head our pan

I used our Smoked Salt & Pepper blend, but season however you prefer. The bone marrow will be the ultimate seasoning so do not use something that will overwhelm it.

Because the New York Strip is not as fatty as other cuts, I like adding a bit of oil to my pan. Avocado oil is best as it has a lower smoke point.

Step #05: Time to cook the steak

This will vary from steak to steak, thicker steaks will take longer to cook. Also depending on the temperature you like your steak at. We are cooking a 1'5'' New York Strip and are shooting for Medium.

We will cook for 3 sides per minute. 

Flip and sear for an additional 4 minutes.

Step #06: As you finish your steak, the Bone Marrow should be ready.


Marrow will be ready when it looks ready, however you can insert a metal skewer into the center of the bone, then touch it to your wrist to gauge the marrow's temperature; the roasted bone marrow should be very hot.

Step #07: The hard part is done, now we have to cut up the New York steak and place the marrow on top

Place the marrow on top of the steak.

For presentation, use the bones!


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