45+ Dry Aged Sampler | 4 People

A gift set of steakhouse grade beef, aged for 45+ days.


American Dream Bundle | 10 People

Sharing is caring... and this bundle of classic american cuts is just perfect.


Best of Australia

BMS8-9 RibEye + New York Strip from Australia


Bone-In Whole Acorn-fed 100% Ibérico Ham (5J)



Everyday Eats Bundle | 30 Servings (aprox)

If you like eating proper and high quality meats on a daily basis this bundle is for you and your family.


Experience Chef

Layer 1 SOLD-OUT


Flap / Vacio / Bavette | Wagyu BMS7+

Domestic Wagyu BMS7+

From $59.99

Grass Fed Bundle

A top notch assortment of high grade grass fed beef

Layer 1 SOLD-OUT


Grill Master

From $120.00