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T-Bone | BMS 6-7 Wagyu

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Description of T-Bone | BMS 6-7 Wagyu


Learn about how we label beef and Beef Grading Standards

This is one amazing T-Bone, its Marble Score of 7+ means it is a richer and denser cut of steak. It has a gorgeous webbing of fat that will make you feel a creamy mouth-feel in each bite. Its literally like tasting a cloud... a cloud of beef.

Like all of our steaks, they come vacuum sealed and have been hand-cut by our expert butchers. 

Best Cooked: Medium-Rare, Medium, Medium-Well



The Porterhouse and the T-Bone are similar steaks, both are cut from the short-loin and both have effectively a Kansas (Bone In New York Strip) and a Filet Mignon. However, the Porterhouse has a larger filet mignon. 

For a T-bone steak to qualify as a porterhouse, the United States Department of Agriculture says that the filet is required to be at least 1.25 inches thick. Thickness is measured from the bone to the widest point on the filet

So effectively, the Porterhouse is effectively a T-Bone but the T-Bone is NOT a porterhouse. The Porterhouse is the more premium (and more expensive) steak.


Steers are graded based on the amount and distribution of marbling in the ribeye muscle at the cut surface after the carcass has been ribbed between the 12th and 13th ribs.

Do note that marbling is not a driving indicator of tenderness, hence not all beef graded "Prime" is equal.

The strip is cut from the short loin, from a muscle that does little work, like the filet.


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