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Wagyu Beef Tallow | Intoku Vintage Akaushi

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Description of Wagyu Beef Tallow | Intoku Vintage Akaushi

What is Wagyu Beef Tallow?

Beef tallow is simply the rendered fat from beef. It's made by cooking down fat and then removing any leftover solids and impurities. Much like butter, it is solid at room temperature but becomes a liquid at higher temperatures.

It's perfect for searing steaks and roasting vegetables in place of other cooking fats. You can also make some killer french fries!


These are Full Blood Wagyu cows, meaning that their ancestry is entirely from Wagyu cattle without any crossbreeding. These specific cows, often referred to as "vaca vieja," are mature animals requiring a remarkable 12 years before reaching their prime, a timeframe that leads to the exquisite flavors present in a Vintage steak. Their lineage traces back to two distinguished Japanese champions, namely Rueshaw and Dai-Ju 10 Mitsumaru. Their age and lineage give them a fine marbling that creates juicy, flavorful, and tender beef that will transport your cooking to another level.

These cattle undergo a 30-day dry-aging process within their own carcasses, an intricate process which allows you to retain that flavor of vaca vieja, but makes it REALLY tender. On top of that you have a bit of that dry aged flavor that we all love so much. 

So you get a cool mix of three cultures:  Japanese (Breed), American (feed), Spanish (Vaca Vieja).

Akaushi Wagyu?

If you have read our blog then you know that the word "Wagyu" translates to "Japanese Cow"  ("Wa" means Japanese and "gyu" means cow). So, Wagyu does not really mean a lot as a term. That said the term groups up the four top cattle breeds in Japan:

  • Wagyu: Kuroge Washu (Japanese Black)
  • Mukaku Washu (Japanese Polled)
  • Akage Washu (Japanese Brown)
  • Nihon Tankaku Washu (Japanese Shorthorn). 

Typically most Wagyu beef comes from Tajima Kuroge Wagyu, at least most of the Wagyu we sell does. Which is one of the reasons we like this INTOKU product as it allows us to try a different type of Wagyu: Akaushi (Japanese Brown) which is typically from the prefecture of Kumamoto.


INTOKU is at the forefront of a culinary revolution, seeking to unlock the full potential of the exquisite flavor profile of the Wagyu Akaushi Full Blood breed. Through a meticulous selection process, INTOKU identifies only the most exceptional phenotypes and genotypes, and implements a continuous improvement program that encompasses all aspects of raising and feeding the cows.

The result is a wide range of nuanced flavors, achieved through a careful combination of both dry and wet aging processes. By elevating the meat industry to new heights of excellence, INTOKU is setting a new standard for the art and science of gourmet cuisine.

Intoku is a multi-cultural experience, borrowing aspects from three distinct cultures: Japan (Breed), Europe (Aging Method), America (Production).

Meat N’ Bone is the exclusive online distributor for INTOKU products.


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