We are happy to announce our New Meat N' Bone Restaurant Program!
The main goal of our program is to build a discovery platform of the greatest products cooked with the best hands, while leveraging a marketing collaborating to grow business in our community. 
Doing business these days is no longer about being reserved and selfish, it is an open mind market where people want to see collaboration, new products, new experiences and have an impact in their lives. This is a wonderful opportunity.
Program Details: Feature a dish in your menu, using a protein from Meat N' Bone and collaborate in cross-promotional marketing. This is a GREAT marketing initiative, as Meat N’ Bone is a business to consumer business, focusing on raw meats. 
How? Apply for the program by contacting us at [email protected] (or filling up our form), pick the protein, make the dish, let's take some pictures and videos and let's promote it together! 
Meat N’ Bone will deliver the protein on a weekly basis, or at the restaurant’s convenience.
The dish in your menu must have the Meat N' Bone logo and the Protein name "by Meat N' Bone". 
Duration: The program is best at a minimum of 2 month participation.