MnB PREMIUM RESERVE: Raised by our friends at Ferry Farms, Michigan Centennial farm owned and operated by the Ferry family. Ferry farms has a full time nutrition on staff to make sure their cattle receives the highest quality feed so that they can produce the highest quality milk and beef. The feed includes corn sileage, haleage, grain corn , high concentrated protein (canola), soybean meal, and mineral packs (vitamins). 

Meat N' Bone Premium beef is USDA inspected.

USDA CHOICE: USDA Choice is the second highest graded beef. It has less fat marbling than Prime. Choice is a quality steak particularly if it is a cut that is derived from the loin and rib areas of the beef such as a tenderloin filet or rib steak. Generally USDA Choice will be less tender, juicy and flavorful with a slightly more coarse texture versus Prime.

USDA PRIME: USDA Prime is the superior grade with amazing tenderness, juiciness, flavor and fine texture. It has the highest degree of fat marbling and is derived from the younger beef. That's why Prime is generally featured at the most exclusive upscale steakhouse restaurants.

GRASS FED: 100% grass fed beef imported directly from Uruguay, a country with privileged conditions for cattle breeding.


Our grass fed beef is USDA inspected.