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  • Pork Tomahawk | Iberian Duroc - Meat N' Bone
  • Pork Tomahawk | Iberian Duroc - Meat N' Bone
  • tomahawk pork chop
  • dry aged duroc pork chop
  • duroc pork chops
  • Pork Tomahawk - Meat N' Bone
  • Pork Tomahawk | Iberian Duroc

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    Description of Pork Tomahawk | Iberian Duroc

    pork tomahawk on a pig

    The Iberian Duroc Pork Tomahawk is a visually striking and flavorful cut that's guaranteed to impress at any dining table. This cut is essentially a pork chop with the rib bone left in, extending from the meat, which gives it the distinctive 'tomahawk' shape, reminiscent of a single-handed axe. The long bone is French-trimmed, leaving it clean and prominent, which not only adds to its dramatic presentation but also contributes to the flavor during the cooking process.

    Rich in taste and tender in texture, the Pork Tomahawk is generously marbled, which infuses the meat with juiciness and a deep, savory flavor when cooked. This cut is perfect for grilling or roasting, with the bone acting as a natural conductor of heat, ensuring the meat cooks evenly while retaining its moisture. The ample size of the Pork Tomahawk makes it a fantastic choice for sharing and is often a centerpiece in gatherings and special occasions. Its versatile nature allows it to pair well with a variety of seasonings and sides, making it a favorite among chefs and home cooks for its taste and impressive presentation.

    These Duroc Pork Chops come from Niman Ranch in California. They are the best all-natural pork chops money can buy and you can taste the difference just by the way the porks were fed and raised - no antibiotics, no hormones, all-vegetarian diet. 

    These pork chops marble like beef. They are just beautiful and full of taste.

    Sold per tomahawk pork chop and individually packed.

    Iberian Duroc

    Niman Ranch's new Iberian Duroc Pork program is a pioneering initiative in the world of premium pork. This program is the first of its kind, featuring authenticated Iberian pork genetics that are exclusive to Niman Ranch. These pigs are raised in the United States by independent family farmers. The program prides itself on delivering pork with robust marbling, rich color, and an exceptional eating experience.

    The Iberian Duroc lineage has its origins in Spain and was selectively bred for the U.S. market. This line is characterized by its intense marbling and outstanding flavor, offering an unrivaled eating experience. Niman Ranch has worked extensively to ensure these pigs thrive in an outdoor-based farming model while maintaining their unique genetic qualities.

    In keeping with Niman Ranch's longstanding commitment to sustainable and humane animal care, the Iberian Duroc pigs are raised without antibiotics or added hormones, and in conditions that allow for natural behaviors, such as being outdoors or in deeply bedded pens. The program reflects Niman Ranch's dedication to delivering the finest tasting meat through rigorous standards and a careful selection of breeds and genetics.

    This introduction of Iberian Duroc Pork to their product line is a testament to Niman Ranch's ongoing efforts to innovate and elevate their offerings. It's an exciting addition for both chefs and consumers who are seeking a premium pork product with distinctive taste and quality.

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