The adventure begins: Meat N' Bone is now OPEN for business - Meat N' Bone

The adventure begins: Meat N' Bone is now OPEN for business

After a year of market research, prep, travel and hard-work. Meat N' Bone is now live. 

We have barely started this adventure, poured our savings into it and more importantly, our hearts. We have spent countless nights debating what kind of company to be and what kind of beef to distribute. We decided to be not only the best but also HONEST towards our customer base. The more we have learned about beef and labeling laws there more we have felt cheated every-time we bought what we "thought" was a premium quality steak.  

We have secured a TOP TIER supply chain that rivals those of the oldest and best steakhouses and butcher shops in the world. We sell USDA Prime and USDA Choice pretty much…The best of the best.

We also developed Meat N' Bone Premium Reserve Beef, which comes from the very best wholestein cows in the MidWest from our friends at Ferry Farms. These cows are bred with love and fed like Olympic athletes at this beautiful family operated Michigan centennial farm.

Our Grass Fed beef comes from the beautiful pastures of Uruguay, the country with the craziest beef-crazed population in the world, next to Argentina, Brazil and Venezuela.

All this and our price point is in line with supermarkets such as Whole Foods and Fresh Market. Not bad... not bad at all, we dare to say…

…and yet... all we have done is spend money. Now we have to show that our concept works and see if Miamians are willing to buy beef form our little online butcher shop. Hopefully, we have made the right assumption.

We wouldn't have been able to get here without the support of our wives Jennie, Andrea and Carolina… You guys are truly something special for putting up with our craziness... Scott, Ali & Ferry Farms... I don’t think we need to say anything besides: you guys are just amazing... oh.. and "Go Spartans!!".

Nelson, thank you for believing in us. We look forward to growing this business with you as a key member of our management team. Your positive energy and cool vibe have brought a balance to the intensity of Luis, the craziness of Gabo and the Germaniness of German.

YuriMichael Tang... thanks for the countless hours and patience taking pictures of beef. Beautiful pictures of beef. If we do hit it big, its in big part thanks to you.

J from Jerome County Meats and Bob from Peasepacking. Thanks for answering the phone… seriously. We know how busy you guys are and you welcomed us every time. We learned so much in so little time.

Aadarash as well as all of our advisors... Ernesto, Maria, Roberto, etc...

Our families and friends also deserve a mention for keeping up with these four crazy guys talking about beef 24/7. They have all been supportive, testing our website for bugs, sharing ideas with us and keeping us motivated when we have struggled...

Joe, Matt and Maribel you guys helped us more than any strange ever should. God must have put you in our path. We are looking forward to a long and prosperous relationship. Thanks for opening your doors and making us feel like part of the Purely family.

Last but not least… shoutout to Martin and Charo from Station 28, the best Peruvian restaurant in Miami!

Now… let’s sell some beef.

Luis Mata / German Vollbratch / Gabriel LLaurado

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