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Often marketing teams will latch onto a common practice and pretend they are the only ones in the world doing it.

One of the newest (and now biggest) players in the South Florida market advertises everywhere that they "wet age all their beef". Their employees also repeat it like gospel. 

The thing is... Everyone ages beef.

Every single piece of meat produced in the US is aged. Be it for 5,7,15,17 or 40 days. The longer it is aged for, the more tender the meat will be and the more expensive. The average supermarket will age anywhere from 5-17 days. High end beef (CAB, G1, etc) will be aged for 30 days, at-least.

Wet aging will improve tenderness but has NO impact on Flavor.

Does it make a difference? Absolutely.

Dry Aging is a completely different process, it tenderizes beef and changes the flavor profile. Dry Aging gives your beef and intense, nutty flavor and is usually found only at steakhouses.


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