Hannari Wagyu Beef

Introducing Hannari Wagyu: Females Do It Better



If you are a fan of fine dining or high-end cuisine, then you must have heard of Japanese A5 Wagyu. This specific type of beef is considered one of the best in the world, with a tender and juicy flavor that melts in your mouth. Hannari Japanese A5 Wagyu is a brand that offers the highest quality of this luxurious meat, and in this blog post, we'll take a closer look at what makes this brand stand out. 

Meat N' Bone Is One Of The Largest Puveyors Of Japanese Wagyu

Last year we embarked on a beautiful partnership with JFOODO and their #OneBiteWonder campaign where we wrote a lengthy post about what Japanese Wagyu is. We had the opportunity to import some of Japan's rarest beef. The kind that usually does not make it out of the country and we brought it over to the USA.

In Japan, it is believed that the quality of meat from female Wagyu cattle is higher than that of male Wagyu cattle. There is certainly a more refined flavor profile and a silkier texture. We were curious, so we tried it, and we loved it.

Hannari beef is raised in a multigenerational family farm located in the prefecture of Kyoto, Japan, a farm of breeders that focuses on only select female cows. Hence, there is a very limited production of fewer than 250 cows per year.

They are raised in an idyllic environment. The farm is surrounded by the mountains of Tamba and it is blessed with clear underground water. The cows are raised in a stress-free environment, to the point that it is hard to hear any mooing (cows moo when they are stressed).

The cows are fed a different diet depending on their stage of growth and the diet is modified according to the temperature of the day. Our agreement with Hannari beef means we only get the cream of the crop, the cows that grade BMS12.

Hannari Picanha Steak

Hannari Wagyu Steaks We opted for some traditional steaks like Ribeye and Striploin and some less traditional cuts such as Picanha and Tri-Tip. This way our consumers can explore the different flavors and textures of Hannari beef.

How To Cook Hannari Wagyu Beef

All you need to cook A5 steaks is a cast iron skillet or really any hot skillet. A hint of salt, place on the skillet for 30 secs - 1 minute per side, and voila!

Note that you will not need to add much oil if any at all. A5 fat will render quickly and the steak will cook on its own fat.

All A5 Japanese Wagyu steaks are ideal for sharing so go ahead and remember, sharing is caring! Check out our Hannari Wagyu Beef.

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