Meat n' Bone

Meat N' Bone E-Gift Card (Digital)

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FL only

Grill Master Service

Gift Box


Butcher's Maldon Salt

By Chef Chucho Rojas


Meat N' Bone Gift Card (Physical)

The Meater | Wireless Thermometer

Up to 33ft Wireless Range


Short Rib (One Bone) | G1 Certified

1.7 Lbs


Jumbo Spanish Octopus

6 Tentacles | Steakhouse Grade


French Brioche Burger Bun

St. Pierre | 4 Buns


Ashy Black Garlic Salt

By Chef Chucho Rojas


Artisanal Basque Cheesecake | Fisbruler

South Florida Only

Top Sirloin Steak | Wagyu BMS 6+

8oz | Texas Wagyu


The Meater Plus+ | Wireless Thermometer

Up to 165ft Wireless Range


French Brioche Hot Dog Bun

St. Pierre | 6 Buns


Sushi at Home Kit


Butcher's Smoky Maldon Salt

By Chef Chucho Rojas


The Salad Shirt | T-Shirt

Available 07/10/2020 | Pre-Order

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