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Meat N' Bone now Rewards you!

We launched Meat N' Bone almost three years ago and even since before we launched we wanted to have a way to reward our customers for their support.
After a long time we are finally ready to do it, it took a lot of research and engineering to get it up. One thing we did not want to do is for it to impact the sustainability of the company but we also wanted to make it worthwhile. If you know your meats you know that our prices are extremely competitive... so one thing we did not want to do was to increase our prices to be able to offer "rewards".
Anyway, any customer who is "logged in" to our website will earn a point for every purchase. This also applies in our boutiques... the caveat, make sure you use the same email address every time as the system will not allow us to merge accounts.


Well of course the number #1 reward is... Meat! Quality meat, and to make that simple on check-out you can exchange your points balance for cash (or a discount).
However, we wanted to make this more exciting. So we partnered up with the Grill Master's Boutique ( to also offer some hardware.
That means you can exchange your precious points for Japanese Damascus Steel Knives, thermometers, cast iron gear and even an Otto Wilde.
We will be adding more and more rewards every month, including gift cards for The Wagyu Bar and an awesome line of apparel (hats, t-shirts, sweaters).


First off, thanks for supporting us. Having you as a customer allows us to feed our families and grow our business. Not a year ago we had just 5 employees (including the 3 founders). Now we have over 30. Without our awesome and loyal customers that would not be possible.
However, the program is NOT retroactive. Why?
To be frank, the technology limits us (the software doesn't allow you to go back) but even if it did...  we cannot afford to do so. Our rewards program is very rich and giving out a few million points on day one would put our company and jobs at risk.



We have three tiers to the rewards program and moving from tier to tier is just a matter of time. Each tier adds more and richer rewards and increases the value of every point when you exchange them from cash.

Note that wholesale orders do not qualify and employees are not eligible for the rewards program (as employees already have a different program).

Note that points take 8 days to be added to an account. Also remember there are many different ways to earn points!

Head over to our Rewards Page and checkout the FAQ!


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