#GrillmasterSeries: How to Grill Amazing Wagyu Burgers - Meat N' Bone

#GrillmasterSeries: How to Grill Amazing Wagyu Burgers

I am a massive fan of burgers, I will literally visit any restaurant hat claims to have a good burger. So when we were developing the burgers for Meat N' Bone I wanted the very very best. 

By the way, these are the same burgers we serve at The Wagyu Bar, Miami's casual steakhouse.

We recently worked with Jealous Devil charcoal (made with Quebracho, which is what makes it awesome) to make a video that shows you how to cook the perfect burger. In this blog post we go event by event.

These burgers are made with a proprietary mix of wagyu beef that includes striploin (new york strip) and Sirloin and is sourced from Colorado!

Here is the video:

Step #01: Light up your Jealous Devil Quebracho Briquettes

You can light up your briquettes or charcoal in many different ways.

Step #02: Take burgers out of the package

Remember there may be some confinement smell and thats perfectly fine. Oxygen is the enemy of good meat.

Step #03: Let them come to room temperature

Always let beef come to room temperature.

Step #04: Season burgers with salt and pepper

Of course you can add your favorite seasoning or even mix the beef with your favorite veggies.

Step #05: Distribute charcoal evenly across the grill

You are looking for even heat, if you prefer you may also reverse sear the burgers.

Step #06: The perfect temperature is when you can hold your hand close to the grill for 10 seconds

Step #07: Place burgers on the Grill, allow some space between the burgers

Burgers are going to expand a bit, but our burgers will not lose their shape or shrink (if anything, theyll get bigger)

Step #09:  Cook them for 5 minutes

Step #10: Flip the burgers and cook for another 2 minutes 

Step #11: Place cheese on top of the patties 

Step #11: Close the lid and cook for another minute

Step #12: Warm up the buns by placing them in the grill for 30 seconds with the lid closed

Use good bread, the SECOND most important ingredient in a burger is good bread. We recommend brioche buns which is what we use at The Wagyu Bar

Step #13: Assemble your burgers!

Step #13: Enjoy


Good friends, good food, good times! That is what life is all about!

You can buy the burgers and Jealous Devil Quebracho Briquettes here:

Wagyu Burgers (4 pack)

1/2 lb Burger Patties


FL only

Jealous Devil Quebracho Briquettes | 10 Lbs

Made with Quebracho Blanco hardwood


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