How To Cook The Perfect Chateaubriand

How To Cook The Perfect Chateaubriand

Chateaubriand -- sounds fancy, doesn't it? It is. That it is because the Chateaubriand is the name given to the center cut of the tenderloin which is already one of the most exclusive cuts of beef from a cow.

From a 1,050 lbs steer, you get 2 tenderloins that may weight 8 lbs combined and out of those 8 lbs you may get 2 good Chateaubriand.

In the 1950s, the Chateaubriand became a treat for upscale VIPs and high rollers in Las Vegas, eventually becoming a staple of the local supper clubs referred to as gourmet rooms that were found on and off the Vegas strip. But the history of this beautiful roast goes back to the french monarchy of the 1800s.

Talk about exclusive...

Today you do not have to be a member of the monarchy to eat a Chateaubriand, and you don't need a chef. This is a VERY easy and simple cook that will impress anyone. The key is using good tenderloin such as the one sold by Meat N' Bone.

How To Cook Chateaubriand?

The list of ingredients is SIMPLE: Cast Iron Skillet, Salt, Pepper and of course, a nice piece of Chateaubriand.

I do recommend pairing any tenderloin dish with a good sauce. At Meat N' Bone, we sell a darn good Chimichurri Sauce. If you want something a bit more traditional, you can opt for our Grilled Garlic Sauce or come up with some Bernaise sauce.

This time we are using an oven, as it's more practical. But you can do this on the grill or use a Sous Vide.

Lets get started!

Step 1: Preheat your oven at 400 degrees fahrenheit.

I like putting the Cast Iron skillet inside the oven so it gets hot fast.

Step 2: Let the piece sit at room temperature and season.

Chateaubriand sit and season

If you love to season your steaks you are in luck; this is THE PERFECT roast to season. While you can keep it simple with salt & pepper, you can use all types of rubs... my favorite is our Montreal Steak Seasoning

Step 3: Heat your cast iron.

You want your cast iron to be scorching hot; the hotter the better. Be patient, let it get hot. As I mentioned, I will usually get it hot in the oven as the oven pre-heats and then move it to the stove which I will place on HIGH!

Step 4: Sear the steak, 2 min per side.

You are looking to build a NICE crust. Feel free to use a bit of oil on your cast iron. I recommend Avocado oil as it will not smoke up your whole kitchen, especially if you do not have an enormous rangehood!

You will flip it 4 times and get every side cooked for 2 minutes.


Step 5: After searing all sides, move to the oven. Keep it hot (400 F)!

Chateaubriand in the oven

All you are going to do is place the roast in the oven. We recommend NEVER cooking a Chateaubriand past Medium. It will lose its signature tenderness. But hey, eat your steak how YOU want it!

  • 12 minutes for Rare
  • 15 minutes for Medium Rare
  • 18 minutes for Medium
  • 21 minutes for Medium-well
  • 24 minutes for Well-Done 

Step 6: Take out the steak and let it rest for 10 min.

Remove it from the cast iron and place it on your cutting board. Give it 10 minutes to rest as the steak will continue to slowly cook as it rests. If you cut into it too early, it will be fine, just a bit less cooked and a bit less juicy. So BE PATIENT!

Step 7: Voila!

Chateaubriand ready to be served

After 10 minutes it is time to DIG IN!

This time around we chose to add some of our Chimichurri sauce to boost the flavor (I do find tenderloin to lack a bit of flavor... so sauces are important).

Chateaubriand with chimicurri sauce


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