Recap of our First NASCAR Race at New Hampshire

Recap of our First NASCAR Race at New Hampshire

This weekend, we headed up to New Hampshire to support our latest marketing venture: NASCAR. How it all came together is a story for another day, but it was exhilarating!

We had the privilege of watching the race from the pit, as guests of Rick Ware Racing. Listening to the team radio and experiencing everything firsthand was absolutely thrilling.

The day started with overcast skies, and as predicted, the weather played a major role in the race. Rain delays pushed back the start time and added an extra layer of challenge for everyone involved. Despite the wet and dreary conditions, fans remained undeterred, filling the stands and showing unwavering support for their favorite drivers. It was remarkable to see such dedication, with people braving the rain to witness the excitement unfold.

The rain delay also meant that the qualifying rounds were canceled, pushing Kaz Grala to start from the back of the pack, in the last position​. This twist set the stage for a dramatic and challenging race.

As the green flag finally waved, Kaz, driving the No. 15 Meat N’ Bone Ford Mustang, began his climb. In NASCAR, the difference between cars is often just a second, making every move critical. Kaz navigated through the field with precision and determination, making his way up to the 22nd position by the end of the race​ (NASCAR)​​ (Speedway Media)​. At several points, he was on the brink of breaking into higher spots, showcasing his ability to compete.

The race was a test of endurance and skill, with multiple incidents and crashes affecting even the most experienced drivers, like Chase Elliott and Denny Hamlin. Some managed to continue, while others were not as fortunate, highlighting the unpredictable and thrilling nature of NASCAR racing.

For those unfamiliar with NASCAR, the margins are incredibly tight. A split-second can be the difference between gaining or losing several positions. Kaz’s journey from the back of the grid to 22nd place highlighted his skill and determination. Despite the initial setback, he demonstrated what’s possible with perseverance and strategic driving.

During the race, there were several key moments that stood out. Around halfway through, Kaz managed to avoid a major collision that took out several cars ahead of him, displaying quick reflexes and strategic maneuvering. Later, as the race neared its conclusion, Kaz had a thrilling battle with Erik Jones, holding his ground and maintaining his position​

The race concluded with Christopher Bell taking the win​. Meanwhile, Kaz’s performance was a significant achievement for Rick Ware Racing, highlighting the team's growth and potential in the NASCAR Cup Series. After all, its NEVER easy starting at the back of the pack. Had he started at a better position, who knows? Perhaps a Top 5 finish or even a win? He certainly CAN do it. Its awesome rooting for KAz and RWR!

A bit about Kaz Grala: he’s a Boston native with a solid background in racing. Starting in go-karts at age four, he quickly moved up through the ranks, competing in the Xfinity Series and Truck Series before joining Rick Ware Racing in the Cup Series. His journey is a testament to his dedication and skill​.

Rick Ware Racing, founded by former driver Rick Ware, has been a mainstay in motorsports for over 40 years. The team competes across multiple disciplines, including NASCAR, NHRA, and World Supercross, showcasing their versatility and commitment to racing excellence.

Kaz will be back racing in a couple weeks. We at Meat N’ Bone are excited to support him  and Rick Ware Racing and look forward to seeing how he performs!!

Watching Kaz Grala race was a thrilling experience for us at Meat N’ Bone. It wasn’t just about the positions he gained but the way he handled the pressure and challenges. As newcomers to the NASCAR world, we are excited to support Kaz and look forward to many more races filled with such passion and determination.


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