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What is Meat N' Bone Premium Reserve Beef?

When we started this journey of opening an on-line butcher shop we set out to do things differently. We did not want to sell the same beef you can find anywhere else. We wanted something completely exclusive to Meat N' Bone at a price that was attractive for day-to-day consumption

Enter Ferry Farms, a Michigan cenntenial farm owned by the Ferry Family, and run by a childhood friend of our COO German B. Vollbracht. How it all happened is a long story... but to summarize it, eating beef from Ferry Farm's cows is an experience to behold.

Every summer, German (who would later be joined by Luis and then Gabriel) would travel to Michigan to visit the Ferry Farms lakehouse, but more importantly to eat their amazing beef.

Now you do not have to travel to Litchfield, Michigan to enjoy Ferry Farm's beef. We have build a partnership where Ferry nurses some of their best cows to become our exclusive Meat N' Bone Premium Reserve beef.

The Ferry family is passionate about their cattle and consider their animals a part of their family. Along with their nutritionist, they have a veterinarian, herd manager, and management team in place to ensure they are staying abreast in the many ways to excel at raising their cattle in a clean and comfortable environment.

It fills us with pride to be able to provide such an exclusive product to a market like Miami, where it is simply impossible to find "real" farm product... 

More than that it fills us with pride to work with one of Michigan's oldest farms, which is owner-operated by the same family for over 100 years. To top it off they raise the majority of their feed on their 1,500 acres and are certified as an "Environmentally Verified Farm"  using farming practices focused on the long-term sustainability of the land. 

Give it a try.

You will NOT be dissapointed.

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