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No, your beef does not have mRNA vaccines

We live in the age of misinformation, people we do whatever they can to generate traffic and clicks. Even if it means driving us through unnecessary rabbit holes. Recently a video talking about the usage of mRNA vaccines has been making the rounds on social media. A few of our customers reached out asking questions... and so we talked to some of our providers to get some straight answers... including people from Certified Angus Beef, Niman Ranch, Carrara, Miyazaki-Gyu and some of the top brands in the world... which are the brands we work with.

Despite the rumors circulating on social media, it is crucial to clarify that there are currently no mRNA vaccines being utilized for cattle in the United States, Japan or Australia (we cannot speak to other sources). This practice is neither accepted nor approved by authoritative bodies like the USDA, FDA, or any other entity. In fact, as of now, no such vaccines even exist for use in the USA. While there have been some experimental attempts in Australia, none of the beef that reaches consumers' tables involves the application of mRNA vaccines.

In the United States, the vaccines used for cattle mainly fall into two categories: live vaccines and killed vaccines. These traditional methods are employed by farmers to ensure the health and well-being of their animals. mRNA vaccines and genetically modified virus or bacteria-based vaccines are not commonly utilized in cattle.

It is standard practice for farmers in the US to vaccinate their cattle regardless of their farming practices, such as All-Natural or organic. Vaccination plays a critical role in preventing infections and ensuring that the animals remain healthy, which, in turn, guarantees the safety and quality of the beef produced.

Though specific vaccine utilization data may not be systematically reported on a program-by-program or brand-by-brand basis, it is widely recognized that vaccination is a vital aspect of responsible cattle farming. Neglecting vaccination could lead to severe health issues in the animals, negatively impacting the safety of beef production.

A study conducted by USDA APHIS reveals that 7 out of 10 ranches utilize vaccines in their herds, with larger ranches being more likely to be aggressive in the use of core vaccines. Additionally, Confined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO) farms, which are the primary sources of grocery store meat, also use vaccines as part of their animal care practices. Note that a lot of grocery beef sold at major chains in the US is sourced outside of the US and Australia.

Choosing a reputable supplier, such as Meat N' Bone, can offer added assurance to consumers. Such suppliers prioritize the health and well-being of their animals and adhere to safe and traditional practices in the cattle industry. Our approach ensures that you receive high-quality beef that is free from harmful infections and viruses, and our animals are treated with the care and respect they deserve.

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