#GrillMasterRecipes: Cook the perfect Ribeye Wagyu BMS 8-9 at home! - Meat N' Bone

#GrillMasterRecipes: Cook The Perfect Ribeye Wagyu BMS 8-9 At Home!

This Boneless Ribeye Wagyu with a marbling score fo 8-9 is as good as non-japanese Wagyu gets, and for many of us, it is the perfect steak. There is a balance of tenderness and deliciousness without it being too rich.

We cooked this steak using the Victoria Signature Series skillet. These are built using a proprietary Spherrous Iron Technology which makes this skillet literally unbreakable. Available in Soft finish with "skin" texture optimal to hold seasoning and perform well in a wide range of temperatures. Available also in polished finish, with the same approach and polished by hand.


Step-By-Step Instructions

Step 1. Pat the steak dry.

pat the steak dry

2. Season the Ribeye with salt.

season the steak

3. Preheat a cast iron skillet over high heat.

preheat the cast iron skillet

4. Place ribeye in cast iron for 2.5 minutes per side.

cook the steak

5. Let it rest for 2 minutes

.rest the steak

6. Carve and serve.

carve and serve

BONUS STEP: Add some truffle salt!

How To Cook Wagyu Ribeye Video: 


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