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A Prime Rib to Remember: Choosing the Perfect Cut for Your Christmas Dinner

This Christmas, create a dinner table that's a cut above the rest with Meat N' Bone's exquisite selection of prime rib options. Each cut is hand-selected for its quality, marbling, and flavor profile, ensuring your holiday meal is nothing short of spectacular. Let's delve into the different grades available and the unique qualities of both boneless and bone-in selections.

Purchasing a prime rib is akin to acquiring a Ribeye steak, as the prime rib is precisely the section from which the Ribeye is derived. This shared origin implies that the grading standards applied to a Ribeye extend to the prime rib as well. These standards, which ultimately determine the grade assigned to the entire bovine, play a pivotal role in the selection of a prime rib.

This grading system is not merely a superficial assessment; it is an intricate process that evaluates the meat based on several key factors, including marbling, texture, and overall quality. The marbling, or the distribution of fat within the muscle, is particularly crucial as it significantly influences the flavor, tenderness, and juiciness of the meat. You can read all about how the world grades beef here 

In essence, when selecting a prime rib, one must scrutinize the same attributes that one would for a Ribeye. This approach ensures that the chosen cut meets the desired standards of quality and taste. It is a decision that requires discernment and an understanding of the nuances of beef grading, underscoring the importance of these standards in the art of selecting the finest prime rib.

G1 Certified USDA Choice Prime Rib - The Standing Roast

USDA Choice Prime Rib, also known as the "Standing Roast," is a superb option that offers great flavor and tenderness at an excellent value. This cut is distinguished by its generous marbling and succulence, making it a festive favorite for many families.

This is the versatile choice and our G1 Certified USDA Choice Prime Rib would be considered almost if not equal to prime by many. We sell it in both boneless and both-in options of different sizes.

Also lets be CLEAR... that USDA Choice Prime Rib you can find at your grocery store for cheap is nowhere in the same league as this. 

Buy Boneless Prime Rib G1 Certified USDA Choice Half Piece / Whole

Buy Bone In Prime Rib G1 Certified USDAChoice Half Piece / Whole

USDA Prime Rib - The Epitome of Quality

USDA Prime Rib holds the crown for being the top tier of beef for its superior marbling and tenderness. This grade is a hallmark of luxury, ideal for those who want to indulge in the highest standard of beef for their holiday meal. We sell it in both boneless and both-in options of different sizes.

Buy Boneless Prime Rib 

G1 Certified USDA Prime Half Piece / Whole

Buy Bone In Prime Rib G1 Certified USDA Prime Half Piece / Whole

Dry Aged Prime Rib - Flavor, Refined

The Dry Aged Prime Rib is a connoisseur's delight, offering a depth of flavor that's achieved through careful aging in the windy city of Chicago. The result is a cut that is both intensely flavorful and exceptionally tender, perfect for a distinguished Christmas table. This is our office favorite and it is spectacular...

We sell it in both boneless and both-in options of different sizes.

Buy Dry Aged Prime Rib Bone-In (45+ Days) | USDA Prime

Wagyu-Angus Cross - The Best of Both Worlds

Meat N' Bone's Wagyu-Angus cross combines the robust beefy flavors of Angus with the tender marbling of Wagyu. While we only sell this as a boneless version, this roast would be considered slightly above prime but not as decadent (or expensive) as the higher Wagyu options.

Buy Prime Rib | Wagyu-Angus Cross

BMS6-7 and BMS8-9 - Getting There

Our Wagyu BMS 6-7 Prime Ribs are sourced from North Texas and can be found bone-in and boneless. This isnt your average Prime Rib and this quality of piece is hard to source. these prime ribs strike a balance between profound flavor and buttery tenderness.

We also carry Australian BMS8-9 Prime Ribs from one of the best programs in the land down under. The BMS 8-9 Prime Rib is decadent and luxurious... but its still "beef" unlike A5 which feels like something else.

Buy Prime Rib Boneless (Whole Piece) | Wagyu BMS 6-7

Buy Whole Prime Rib Bone-In | Wagyu BMS 6-7

Buy Boneless Prime Rib | Wagyu BMS 8-9

Wagyu Prime Rib - A Symphony of Marbling

These prime ribs represent the zenith of beef quality, providing an unmatched culinary experience for your Christmas dinner. It is known for its extraordinary marbling, this cut provides a melt-in-the-mouth texture and a rich, sumptuous flavor profile that's simply unparalleled.

We carry Prime Ribs from two prefectures and both are amazing:

Kagoshima, from the Kagoshima Prefecture in the southern part of Japan, is another renowned variety of A5 Wagyu. Known for its slightly bolder flavor compared to Miyazaki-Gyu, Kagoshima Wagyu boasts a rich, buttery taste with a texture that's velvety and luxurious. The beef from this region is celebrated for its consistent quality and has also garnered top honors in Japanese beef competitions.

Miyazaki-Gyu, hailing from Miyazaki Prefecture, is one of the most prestigious types of A5 Wagyu. It has won numerous awards, including the "Wagyu Olympics" in Japan. What sets Miyazaki-Gyu apart is its exceptional balance of marbling, tenderness, and flavor. This beef is characterized by its fine, evenly distributed marbling, which ensures each bite is supremely succulent and flavorful.

A couple tips for cooking your A5 Prime Rib:

  • Season lightly to enhance the natural flavors.
  • Cook over lower heat to prevent the fat from melting away too quickly.
  • Serve in modest portions, as the richness of Wagyu is best enjoyed in moderation.

Boneless Prime Rib | A5 Miyazakigyu Japanese Wagyu

Buy Boneless Prime Rib | A5 Kagoshima Japanese Wagyu

Bone-In Prime Rib | A5 Kagoshima Japanese Wagyu

Game Prime Ribs

We also offer some Bison Prime Rib (Bone-in) as well as Elk Rib Rack!

Boneless vs. Bone-In - Tailoring Your Experience

Selecting between boneless and bone-in prime rib depends on your preference for convenience or tradition. Boneless cuts offer ease of preparation and serving, while bone-in roasts provide a stunning presentation and the bones contribute to the richness of the meat's flavor.

Note that a Prime Rib is always impressive, but if you want to go for WOW factor look no further than our Tomahawk Prime Rib.

Why Choose Meat N' Bone for Your Festive Roast?

With Meat N' Bone's commitment to quality, choosing any of these prime rib options ensures a centerpiece that's as delicious as it is memorable. Whether you're drawn to the traditional Choice or Prime, the refined Dry Aged, the luxurious Wagyu, or the exceptional Wagyu-Angus cross, your Christmas dinner is set to be a gastronomic highlight of the year.

Celebrate the season with Meat N' Bone, where every cut of prime rib is a testament to quality, flavor, and the joy of sharing a magnificent meal.

Cooking Tips for the Perfect Prime Rib

Check out this guide and video we made to show you how to cook the PERFECT prime rib. This guide applies to all but the A5 grade which frankly... just needs to be cooked slowly and seared.

  • Temperatures Matter: Use a meat thermometer to cook your prime rib to the perfect internal temperature.
  • Rest is Key: Allow the prime rib to rest covered with foil after cooking to redistribute the juices.
  • Slice to Impress: Use a sharp knife to carve your prime rib into thick slices and serve on a warm platter.

Happy cooking!!

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