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The Meat N' Bone 2022 Awesome Gift Guide


There are many, many reasons we may choose to give someone a gift. Whatever the reason, receiving a gift is a powerful experience... it sends a message. Whether the gift is a corporate gift for an employee, client, or for someone you care about (husband, wife, BFF) it is important to get gifts just right!

Over the years at Meat N' Bone we have expanded our catalog of best-in-class products to the point where you can find a gift for ANYONE who loves to cook, loves to eat... or loves to drink!

Below find a few different amazing options for every budget. Note that pretty much ANYTHING on our website makes a good gift... and at check-out, you can add a gift message which will go on a fancy beautiful envelope!


We all know that person who truly enjoys a great steak. Their motto is that "No great story began by eating salad".

This is someone who you will find grilling not only on the weekends but also on weeknights to blow off steam after work. We carry several awesome beef packages, but one we particularly love is the "butcher's favorites" as it is made of steaks that are not likely to be found at your local grocery store... particularly not of this quality.

A Real Chef's Knife

Everyone needs to own at least one proper knife. Some (like our butchers) may own 50 knives and feel that it is never enough. But truly, all you need is one good knife. We wrote an entire blog post about this.

Unlike every other knife, a Chef's knife is good for it all... be it slicing, dicing, chopping, or mincing. The point of a good knife is for it to be pleasurable, precise, and effortless. A Chef's knife is a tool that you will use every day and that is why a chef's knife makes for such a great gift.

Charcuterie & Wine

Cheese, Cured Meats, and Wine. What an amazing combination, isn't it? We LOVE charcuterie because there is NEVER a bad occasion to have cheese, cured meats, and a glass of wine...

At Meat N' Bone we only work with products that meet our standards. That means our cheeses are delicious and different and our cured meats are out of this world. As for the wine? We look for boutique wines that have an excellent price/value proposition.

You can buy and gift one of our pre-made charcuterie boards or build your own.


The craze about Japanese Wagyu Beef started about 20 years ago with Kobe beef, but it is so much more than just that. Japanese Wagyu is truly a one-bite wonder. 

It is rich, it is excessive, it is decadent... it is a multi-sensorial experience. It is also pretty expensive. At most steakhouses, an OUNCE (yes 1oz) of Japanese A5 Wagyu can be as expensive as $65. However, at Meat N' Bone you can enjoy 10oz for a little bit over $100. It makes for an amazing gift.

We carry an EXTENSIVE variety of Japanese Wagyu, not only different types of beef but also from different prefectures. We work so much with it that we partnered with the government of Japan and wrote a guide to educate the American consumer.


Alright, so you can get a good sear on a steak using a cast iron skillet. You can also do it on the grill. But neither of them is going to do it like Otto does.

Why? This bad boy heats up to 1,500 degrees. You can cook a steak in two minutes.

These are the guys behind the original broiler at Peter Luggers. By now, there are plenty of copycats to be found in Amazon and other places... but this is the BMW of grills. German Engineering at its finest.

For the holiday season, we have a pretty amazing bundle for sale. So, it's a great gift!


Is there a better gift than a gift that keeps on coming? No there is not. Subscription boxes make for great gifts.

The problem? Most subscription boxes are.. well.. cheap.

Not this one, The GrillMaster's Box delivers Meat N' Bone products EVERY month to your door. No hassle. 

Choose size, type of proteins (Beef, Pork, Poultry, Game, etc), and frequency (weekly, monthly, bi-monthly)... and voila. That is it!


If you live in South Florida and you love to experience great food in a great environment you have to visit UNDISCLOSED. It is a restaurant-like experience hidden inside the secret door of an art gallery, which is actually inside a travel agency. Sounds crazy? It is. But crazy is cool when it comes to food and wine.

Our team hosts experiences on a weekly basis that feature different Meat N' Bone products. We have a 10-course sushi omakase and a 5-course Butcher's Table. Like your fish cooked? We also have a fishmonger's table.

Experiences are sold by the seat at UNDISCLOSED Miami (the venue can also be rented for private events)


If the options we presented here are not necessarily what you are looking for do not panic. Our team of dedicated experts can help you build a custom gift "package" for whoever you need.

Check out the Meat N' Bone Gift Center or send us an email to info@meatnbone.com or contact us via social media.

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